Instructions to fix “Invalid access to memory location” error

Your computer works fine but suddenly, it displays you a message saying “Invalid access to memory location” when opening a program? Or whenever you try to start up the computer, you keep on receiving the above message together with something says “The system could not log you on. The server authenticating you reported an error (0xC00000BB). You can find further details in the event log. Please report this error to the system administrator”? It will be annoying to get such an error message at booting up the computer. But just follow steps here and you can get rid of this computer error immediately.

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Get rid of “error 8007063 windows update encountered an unknown error” immediately

You are prompted to download some updates while shutting down the machine? However, the process failed with a message saying “error 8007063 windows update encountered an unknown error” during the download process? Such an update failure may stop the computer from running properly and expose the system to some unknown risks. Whenever you receive it, take instant actions to check and fix the Windows update errors now!

Windows update error

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No Boot Device Found – Causes and solutions

Attenpting to start up the computer but keep on receiving messages saying “No Boot Device Found”? Cannot log onto the system because of the constant “No Boot Device Found” or similar “Drive 1 not found” error messages? A startup error message can drive you mad and stop you from using the computer properly. Here, take my experience as an example, I am going to show you how to troubleshoot and fix this computer startup error.

computer startup error

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What is srptm.exe and how to fix srptm.exe error?

You keep on getting a message saying srptm.exe error while starting up the Windows? No matter what you do, it won’t go away or off your screen? It will be really annoying to constantly encounter such computer error message. No matter you are an advanced PC user or computer savvy, get rid of it with simple steps here!

fix computer exe error

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How can you correct error message 44?

You keep on receiving an error message 44 and cannot open some but all emails? You are in a need to send emails but cannot login your account properly? Nothing can be more frustrating than failing to receive/send emails correctly. Here, take my own experience as an example, I am going to show you how to correct error message 44.

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