Winword.exe has stopped working – Solutions to fix winword.exe errors quickly?

I believe when using the Microsoft Office, lots of computer users will come across the annoying “Winword.exe has stopped working” error message when closing any word document, newly created or old word documents. In many cases, the error message looks like “Microsoft Office Word Has Stopped Working”, which will result in the loss of your created documents and waste your time severely. Now, you are in the correct place here for solutions to fix Winword.exe error on your computer immediately.

fix Winword.exe errorTo fix this error, you can simply perform the below steps to modify the corresponding registry entries. But it is highly recommended that you can first back up the registry before making any changes. This helps you quickly get back your whole computer when something goes wrong.

* Close Word
* Go to start>> Run>> type regedit.exe into the search box and then press “Enter” to continue.

* Locate the path mentioned below.
* Find the “Data” folder and rename it to “Old-Data”
*Restart Word

Usually, the “Winword.exe has stopped working” prompt will happen when there is something wrong with the registry entries of Microsoft Office. If you do not have enough computer knowledge to modify the registry entries manually, do not perform it forcibly as it will bring in more serious problems to the computer. At this time, if you have a registry clean tool installed on the computer, then I believe you can get the job finished quickly within minutes. Registry cleaners are designed to thoroughly scan & fix all registry errors immediately without affecting stable computer performance.

If the above solution does not help to deal with the Winword.exe error on your computer, the last chance for you is to reinstall the Microsoft Office. We know that to ensure its proper running, all components of the Microsoft Office need to work well all the time. If some needed files are broken or corrupted, you will no doubt get the “Winword.exe has stopped working” error message when using the program. A simple reinstallation of the Microsoft Office will get rid of such computer error immediately.

Still do not know what you should do to deal with the Winword.exe error on your computer? Try all of my solutions here and you will be able to get rid of the computer error messages immediately.

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