Windows Update Error Code 80080005 – Fix Error Code 80080005 Immediately

I have Windows Vista and have received the error message advising that Windows could not search for new updates even though I am sure that I have enabled the automatic Windows update service. However, when I tried to check for updates manually and I received Error Code 80080005 which states “Windows Update encountered an unknown error.” This is so frustrating, but I was able to deal with the Windows update error code 80080005 on my own with some really simple steps. Having the same problem but do not know what you should do? Let’s go through the solutions right now!

error code 80080005

To fix the error code 80080005, first you have to make sure that the computer is totally virus free. Viruses or other PC threats are the main cause the stop error on your computer as they are capable in attacking and removing any files from the computer besides collecting/stealing users’ personal information. So, do not forget to thoroughly scan your computer and remove all PC threats with a powerful antivirus antispyware program!

Then, you need to clear out all downloads from your PC. If you have a lot of pictures and other downloads that you do not need, delete them immediately. This will free up a large amount of space on the computer to prevent the annoying Windows update error code 80080005. By the way, do remember to empty your recycle bin after you have done all the steps above. A sufficient hard disk space can sometimes fix the Windows update error code instantly.

If the two steps do not fix error code 80080005, then must be something wrong with the operating system itself and the component that you should pay more attention to should be the computer registry. First of all, you should know that Windows registry is regarded as the most important element of the computer as it is used to store all settings and options of the hardware & software on the computer. But as you install and uninstall programs, the registry database will get messed because of invalid or corrupted entries. Thus, registry errors have also been the main cause of the Windows update error code 80080005 that you have got on the computer. At this time, you can either restore your computer to a previous state with the backup or thoroughly scan your computer with an advanced registry tweaker to fix all the errors inside your registry. According to my own experience, the latter will be a better choice as it helps not only fix 80080005 error code, but also effectively prevent & fix other computer errors on the computer.

If case of the above steps fail, you can try another extremely useful tip – do a System Restore procedure. This is a small, but effective procedure that is really helpful because it brings your system back to a point in time that you want it to. Preferably before your error occurred. Here is what you need to do in order to use the System Restore application correctly. (Note: this sometimes will make some of your data loss, so do not take it if this is not your final choice.)

* Go to the “All Programs” menu in the “Start” menu at the lower left hand corner of your screen
*From there on, go to “Accessories”
* Once in that menu, go to “System Tools”
* In that menu, click on “System Restore”
*Once in the application, there should be a list of things you can do, follow the instructions from there in order to get your System Restore procedure done correctly and efficiently.

In my opinion, you can scan your computer errors immediately and Fix Windows update error code 80080005 with a professional computer registry software; it helps you get rid of all kinds of potential risks from the computer. So, do not waste your time on trying other solutions, but start to fix it right now and your will get surprised results.

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    Young Adram -  March 15, 2012 at 12:55 pm

    Thanks on letting me know on how to resolve a Windows update error code 80080005. Bookmarked your post and will come back soon for more help.


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    Summer Drka -  March 15, 2012 at 4:19 pm

    My windows vista update get this error code 80080005 and cannot install the updates. I found your steps here rather simple and will try them to do now.


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