Windows update error 80070424 – How to fix it?

The Windows update error 80070424 is a very common error that lots of Windows users will encounter. Such an error is likely to happen when you are trying to download or install an update to the computer. First of all, you should bear in mind that Windows updates are really important as they helps to enhance computer stability and ability against viruses. Hence, don’t give up the Windows update when receiving error messages just like Windows update error 80070424 or encountering Windows vista update fail! Fortunately, you are coming the right article here as I will discuss some solutions to fix Windows update errors now.

fix Windows update error

In many cases, the 0×80070424 in Windows Update might be caused by some of the dll registration problem. To fix it, perform the steps below:

* Click on Start -> Run
* Paste the command below and enter
(Note: This line is used to reregistering WUAUENG.DLL in window.)

After you have done this, launch your windows update again to see whether you are able to install the update now. If the above solution does not solve the problem, try the solutions below.

Sometimes, the Windows update error 80070424 is normally caused due to unsuccessful installation of Windows updates. So, it is recommended that you can download the updates when you are not busy on the web to ensure a complete download. Sometimes, it can also occur when there is problem in Windows firewall or other 3rd-party antivirus program as they can prevent the installation of different Window update into the system or disable service that required to install the updates. If this is the case, you can first temporarily disable your antivirus program and simply perform the steps below to restart the service:

* Go to “Administrator Tools” (Control Panel > Administrator tools”
* And then select “Services” and Run As Administrator.
* Go to the Windows Update service, and select properties.
* Set startup type to automatic and press OK, then restart the service.
* Go to the Windows Modules Installer service, and select properties.
* Enable the service, set the Startup to automatic, and start the service.
* Close the Services window and run Windows Update again.

Thirdly, to ensure a successful Windows update without Windows update error 80070424, you have to make sure that you computer in not infected by spyware or viruses. Once some files are attacked or broken by threats, it will fail to recall needed files to update the system properly. If this is the case, do immediately scan your computer with the antivirus antispyware program without hesitation. In my opinion, it is best that you can let your antivirus programs always runs at system startups and in the background as this helps to block and remove PC threats at any time.

Last but not least, you still have to know that one of the main reasons behind this Windows update error 80070424 is corrupted, broken and misplaced registry files. Registry database are the essential part of the system that contains all the important settings that are needed to ensure the proper working of the system. The damaged registry files are able to cause the problems in successfully installing the updates in Windows when the system cannot access the necessary files correctly. So, to correct or remove surplus and corrupted registry files regularly is needed when you are trying to get rid of either Windows update error 80070424 or other computer errors.

In a word, getting the Windows update error 80070424 error message is not terrible and with the solutions here, you can quickly get rid of it and install the updates successfully. Wish this help you!

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  1. Author Image
    Fallon Corrie -  December 27, 2011 at 5:07 am

    Im running windows vista home premium. one day i checked for updates and it said “Windows Cannot Check for Updates Error 80070424″!!! I also did every solution involving the command line but nothing worked. I also checked the Windows Services and the Windows Update Service is not there,(not shown). Fix the registry as you suggested and now the problem had gone… so great…


  2. Author Image
    Daphne B -  December 27, 2011 at 3:26 pm

    I have recently had to reinstall my os on my comp due to a repair on my comp(hard drive was renewed). Now, I have an error that comes up when i boot the comp up error 80070424. But i was lucky to get your post here…


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    Luis -  January 5, 2012 at 5:56 pm

    hello there, awesome blog site, and an excellent understand! 1 for my bookmarking.


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