Why No sound On My Laptop and How to Repair No sound Issue Effectively?

Have you ever gotten a no sound message on your computer while listening to the music or watching videos on YouTube? This can be quite pesky when you find your speakers are still connected but in the control panel it says there is no sound device. What could you do when your laptop has no sound? First, there’s no need for you to worry! In this page, I will give you detailed instructions how to troubleshoot and solve pc no sound problem.

The following steps are available for enabling sound and fix no sound issue:

Step1: Enable the Windows Audio Service

1. Click Start >Run > enter services.msc

2. Scroll down the list of services and find Windows Audio

3. Right-click Windows Audio and select Properties

4. Select Automatic from the Startup type dropdown list, and click Start to start the audio service

5. Click OK

If your computer continues to experience no sound, then go to step 2.

Step2: Enable the Audio Device

1.       Right click on the My Computer icon, then click Properties

2.       Click on the Hardware tab and then Device Manager button

3.  Check under ‘Sound, video and game controllers’ menu by clicking on the plus sign beside it.

4.  If any item has a speaker icon WITH a red X, right-click that item and select Enable

5.  Close Device Manager.

Test for sound on your computer, if not getting back, you need to continue the next step.

Step3: Restore your Audio Drive

1.       Open Device Manager and look in the Sound, video and game controller section

2.       Look for the name of your sound hardware

3.  Download and install audio drivers from manufacturer’s sites

Step4: Free download the best Registry Cleaner

If you are still having problems after reinstalling, then you are supposed to run a professional Repair Tool. Actually, most of the No sound Error occurs because registry entries of sound device were destroyed or deleted. So scan and clean the corrupted or missing registry entry of your computer is necessary.

1.       Install the registry cleaner tool on your computer

2.       Run the program and scan your computer

3.       Problems list after scanning

4.       Click Repair button to successfully fix Windows registry errors and computer no sound problems.

By fixing registry errors on the computer, you could quickly get back your sound effectively as most of the time a corrupted registry is the main cause. However, lots of computer user will ignore this point when coming to no sound problems on the computer. So no matter when the computer has no sound, do not rush to the repair store as a simple registry cleanup process helps to fix it immediately.

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