Why my computer is having error ‘display driver stopped responding’?

While using the computer, you will find it suddenly show an error message “display driver stopped responding & has recovered” which usually followed with a system freeze, a short blackout. Based on some research I’ve done on this topic, I learned that this error can typically happen because of an outdated video driver, to many programs running at the same time or even high CPU activity. But this does not the only cause for the computer error message. So what else? Read on and you will know why your computer is having error “display driver stopped responding” and how to solve it.

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The first thing you should to get rid of the “display driver stopped responding” error message is to check and install all available driver updates for the computer. Simply speaking, drivers are those small programs that allow the computer operating system to smoothly talk to and give instructions to hardware devices and software installed on the PC. Ranging from the hardware devices such as a webcam, printer or graphic card to software like some games, downloads from the Internet, you all need some responding drivers to make them work correctly without problem. If there are outdated drivers existing on the PC, the computer will not call the required components properly and then display some unexpected errors, run sluggishly or crash.

Secondly, scan the computer for viruses. When the computer is infected by viruses, lots of system resources will be taken when running, causing the “display driver stopped responding” error message or error code 1111 to appear. So please use a reliable anti-virus program to thoroughly scan your computer and regularly update your anti-virus program to ensure the latest virus database.

Thirdly, deal with faulty memory. This is one of the most important pieces of hardware within your computer. With the help of the memory, your PC can run quickly by storing data on chips instead of the hard drive. Simply speaking, when the computer needs that data it can quickly be pulled from the RAM. However, some problems with the RAM due to power surges or other hardware issues will make the data that stored on that stick can become corrupted, causing all kinds of problems to the computer including “display driver stopped responding” while running the PC.

Sometimes, the “display driver stopped responding” error message can occur when there are too many useless or corrupt entries within the Windows registry database. Since Windows relies on the registry to give the system the correct information to perform some tasks and run the hardware/software correctly, the damaged or corrupt files running in your system will cause some unexpected errors to the PC. That is to say, if the system cannot find the required entries to load the page, or cannot find the needed keys among thousands of useless entries quickly to load the site, you will come to the chance to get a problematic computer. To regain a stable PC running, a fix on the Windows registry errors is a must. You can do this simply by downloading a registry cleaner tool from the Internet and thoroughly scan & fix all errors on your computer.

I think, for the smooth performance of the computer, you have to get all device drivers up to date; and the same time, keep it always free against viruses and registry error clean. It is highly recommended to install this PC optimization utility right now and get your machine optimized today right now!

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