Why keep getting message saying “Error logging into server”?

For sometimes, you may fail to log into your account by keeping on getting a message “error logging into server” when the room finally loads. Even though they have tried logging in with some common browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome or clear the caches, same error message appears. I think this can may you crazy if you are really in a need to log into your account for some important contacts. Don’t worry! Here I will show you some available solutions to continue.

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When cannot log into the account properly, firstly make sure you are connected to the Internet properly. A poor or incorrect connection is the major cause to why you keep on getting message saying “error logging into server”. You can do this by loading another URL in your browser to see whether you are able to visit it properly. If you fail, contact your ISP to deal with the connection issue. If you are able to connect to the Internet but still cannot access your account, just read on and you will learn how to do.

Secondly, try re-loading the page and logging in again. Sometimes, a temporary issue on the machine can stop you from accessing your account as normal; and several retries later will solve the problem immediately.

Also, you should completely scan your machine and get rid of all computer viruses. Right now, it is quite easy for a computer to get infected by viruses, adware, spyware, and pop-ups even if the machine is only for daily usage. After getting onto the computer, they may attack the hard disk, steal & delete system files to bring in errors like error importing files or others….Besides, they may spread the virus’ code to other machines on the same network, or machines that use the same storage devices to make the computer run slowly or even fail to connect to the web. If you are infected, a message indicating “error logging into server” may appear while you are trying to access your account. It is important to run an antivirus program regularly and remove all malicious viruses, files, codes or processes from the machine.

If you are clean from viruses but cannot log in your account with the message “error logging into server”, clear your online cookies and try again. Clearing your cache forces your browser to retrieve the newest copy available from the website and make allow you to access your account properly. Here, I take Internet Explorer as an example to show to how to do: go to Tools, and then Internet Options followed by Safety, and finally Delete browsing history…

Finally, check and repair registry errors. Errors in registry may result in lots of issues like slow speed, frequent system crashes, pop-ups, and more. This is because registry is used to store all the required entries of the software and the hardware added to the machine, and then tells the system when and how to perform every PC task properly. In another word, if the system cannot locate the registry database for the required entries to access your account, a message stating “error logging into server” will appear. After all the above steps, I would suggest you to run a registry repair tool to check and fix all existing & potential errors.

Right now, I believe you will be able to access your account without the message “error logging into server” anymore. If you have tried all these but keep on failing, maybe you can contact your email client to see whether they can solve the issue for you.

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