Why does the computer say “internal error 9 hardware unsupported”?

Your computer suddenly turned blue while you are working on something important and then restarted itself? However, the computer just stopped on a screen with a message saying “internal error 9 hardware unsupported” during the restart and won’t load pass there? This is quite an annoying issue but luckily here are some ideas that you can do.

computer startup error

When the computer fails to start up because of an “internal error 9 hardware unsupported” error message, you can directly turn off the power and rapidly unplug it, wait a few minutes and then restart it to see whether you can make the computer boot up correctly or not. You can do this several times so as to make your computer boot up properly as usual.

If you still fail, take several minutes to perform a test on the RAM on your computer by running the diagnostic software which usually provided by the computer manufacturer. You can instantly replace the RAM that is found to be faulty. If the “internal error 9 hardware unsupported” error message still persists after testing the RAM, you can try to remove or swap out cards, controllers or any other peripherals. Some issues with these aspects will bring in the appearance of this computer startup error message.

Thirdly, what you need to do when cannot start up the computer because of a “internal error 9 hardware unsupported” error message is to make sure the drivers for your hardware devices are not outdated or corrupt. To perform this job, just follow these instructions:
*Right click My computer and select Properties.
*Within the appearing windows, click Hardware tab and then Device Manager.
*Then check through the list of items to see whether there is a red cross before any item. A red cross tells that item is disabled. If so, simply right click it and set it to “Enable”.
* If you see a Question mark or Exclamatory mark before any item, you have to know that the sound card driver must be damaged or corrupted. By the way, up to 80% computer problems including the computer startup problem can be attributed to an outdated or corrupt sound driver. At this time, you need to download and install the latest sound card driver onto the computer manually or automatically by running a driver update program.

After the above steps, completely scan and remove all viruses from the computer. The viruses will severely attack and remove any file from the computer, stopping the machine from recalling them correctly and then display a startup error message. If the system cannot connect to the needed files to load the system as well as some certain programs, you will no doubt get the “internal error 9 hardware unsupported” error messages or some saying “Could not load or run a file specified in the registry”. To well protect your privacy together with maintain stable PC running, you should not miss to install and run an antivirus program regularly.

Fourthly, please note that Windows startup errors are very commonly caused by Window registry problems. The registry is the database which stores all the information of the programs and hardware installed on the computer, and data on the different relationships between various parts of the computer like the hard drive and the memory space. When some errors come due to virus attacks or a bad program uninstallation, the computer becomes unstable as well brings in some problems just like “internal error 9 hardware unsupported” message at PC startup. Finding exactly the best registry clean tool on the market to scan and fix all registry errors if you want to always enjoy a computer smoothly all the time.

In a word, many aspects including hardware and software issues can stop the computer from loading or running properly and display an “internal error 9 hardware unsupported” error message. However, it is not the only and the best way to rush to a computer repair store when getting this error. Troubleshooting the error yourself with the above steps, you can at most of the time deal with the error on your own!

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