Why does my computer keep saying script error?

There are many chances for you to see a “Script Error” on your computer. Typically, it indicates some problems with your Internet Explorer and stops you from browsing some web pages correctly. But why does the computer keep saying script error as this user said:

“It pops up every time I click on anything! It says do you still want to run script on this page and I click no and it always comes back. Can anybody help me?”

fix script error

The first thing that you should do when keep on getting an error saying script error is to restart Internet Explorer. As what I have ever said in my previous posts, lots of computer errors are temporary and can be fixed after a restart job. However, if you continue on experiencing the script error problems, follow the below steps to go.

Secondly, you have to check and make sure that the security settings on your Internet Explorer are set correctly without problems. Sometimes, this can be one main cause for “why does my computer keep saying script error?” To do this job, just start IE, In the ‘Tools’ menu click’ Internet Options’ then in the dialog box click ‘Security’ Tab, Click ‘Default Level and then Ok.

Also, you still need to check whether the IE has ‘blocked’ Active X, Active Scripting. Beside, you’d better delete the temporary ‘Internet-related files’. As the size of files becomes bigger and bigger, lots of Internet Explorer error just like the script error message will display whenever you open a web page. To delete all the existing Temporary saved files, just start ‘Internet Explorer’, click Internet Options from the Tool menu, then click the ‘General’ Tab click ‘Settings’ click ‘Delete files’ and Ok, also click ‘Delete Cookies’ and again Ok, click ‘Clear History’ ‘Yes’ and Ok.

However if the above solutions do not solve the Internet Explorer script error message, you have to check and fix computer registry errors. Registry is the main part of the Windows-based operating system to store all the vital settings & information required by the computer and software/hardware. When the Internet Explorer cannot find the correct entries to run correctly, a script error message will appear again and again. You can fix all errors inside your registry by using a tool called a registry cleaner. Registry cleaners are those tools that designed to check and fix all registry errors. Not only does a registry cleaner fix the script error problems, but it can also get rid of some other deeply rooted problems within your registry such as black computer screen and slow computer speed. Besides, the rooted problems can bring in more serious errors including errors that crash your computer. A registry cleaner will remove all these problems instantly from your PC.

Are you constantly experiencing IE script error right now? Want to know how to surf the web correctly all the time without problems? Follow the solutions here to go and there won’t be problems like “why does my computer keep saying script error” any more.

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    Turner Orange -  June 28, 2012 at 9:47 am

    When I am on the internet and click on something the following message comes up: “A runtime error has occoured. Do you wish to debug? Line 91 error object required.” Then I click debug and run script editor. The system then stopsw on a line and higlights it. Then it says: Microsoft J script runtime error: object required. Then I have to choose between continue or break. continue does nothing so I click break, but that does nothing either. I will follow your solutions here and hope the problem can be fixed.


  2. Author Image
    Joslyn Denny -  June 28, 2012 at 10:17 pm

    every time i start up my computer i get a script error i don’t know how to get rid of it; after reading your post and now I know how to do..


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