Why do you keep getting “A Connection Failure Has Occurred” error message?

Keep getting “A Connection Failure has Occurred” error message pop up when using my Yahoo Mail or loading a page? Sometimes, you may get suggestion to re-launch Yahoo or reload the page but that doesn’t work!!! No matter your computer is used for leisure or work, it can make you crazy when finding yourself cannot visit some pages correctly because of a connection failure.

When getting the “A Connection Failure has Occurred” message while connecting to the web, make sure that you are connected correctly.

If not, try turning off your modem and then turning it back on. This is one of the simplest ways to troubleshoot and fix the connection failure errors. If the connection problem persists, then you can uninstall and reinstall your modem that is connected to your computer. In some cases, refreshing the drivers and reinstalling the modem helps to fix the Internet connection problems quickly.

Thirdly, you’d better check and reset your Internet Explorer’s settings. Some incorrect settings can stop you from connecting to the web by displaying “A Connection Failure has Occurred” error message. To do this, you can simply perform the following steps:
*Open your Windows Explorer windows.
*Click Tools button, and then click Internet Options.
*Click the Advanced tab, and then click Reset.
*In the Reset Internet Explorer Settings dialog box, click Reset.
*Click Close, and then click OK when you have finished the resetting.
*Quit your Windows Explorer windows and re-open it to get all these changes to take effect.

If the error message remains after the above steps, you should check & make sure that the computer is totally virus clean. It is very easy for you to get infected even though the computer is only for daily usage and cause many unexpected errors to the PC just like computer running slow, popping-up frequent iertutil.dll errors, random PC reboots, display many ads windows, or stop you from connecting to the Internet correctly, etc. Simply speaking, a compromised computer just runs abnormally by showing you kinds of computer errors including “A Connection Failure has Occurred” error message. Run a virus scan before connecting, sometimes helps to solve the connection error soon.

If you have performed all the above steps, but still get the “A Connection Failure has Occurred” error message visiting some pages, you should spend several minutes in checking & fixing registry errors. Windows registry is the central database of every Windows-based operating system to keep all the configuration settings and options for the hardware & installed software. Helpful though it is, it is very sensitive towards all kinds of infections and attacks. Also, some incomplete programs install & uninstall process, can also make this database to get corrupted. If at this time, you may fail to use the computer correctly or smoothly. Once the web browser cannot locate the required entries to load your visiting page, you will come to the chance to get an Internet connection failure error message. So, the final thing you should do is to download and run a professional registry cleaner to completely scan the whole PC & get rid of all error inside. Generally, an error-free registry database is the first assurance to ensure a pleasant PC life.

In a word, a faster connected computer is quietly needed so as to connect with the outside world; and it at the same time helps us to greatly increase the PC productivity. If you are suffering from an error such like “A Connection Failure has Occurred” while connecting to the Internet, follow the above steps to go now.

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