Wfica32.exe application error – Solve wfica32.exe error within clicks now!

Wfica32.exe with description Citrix ICA Client Engine is a very important process file from company Citrix Systems, Inc. That is, the file is digitally signed from Citrix Systems, Inc – VeriSign Time Stamping Services Signer – G2. To ensure the smooth running of the computer, it is not recommended to remove any digitally signed file from the computer. But during the usage of the computer, it is not strange for users to get such error message stating:

Remote: WFICA32.EXE – Application Error
Error: The instruction at “Ox77c47fd4″ referenced memory at “0x00188008. The memory could not be “read”.

solve wfica32.exe error

But how does this Wfica32.exe error appears and can you fix it safely on your own?

What will be caused after getting Wfica32.exe error?
Upon the appearance of the exe error message, you will notice such consequences on your computer.

* Pop-up ads
* Sudden dip in your computer performance
* Random blue Screen of Death errors
* Numerous system32 error
* Program uninstall failure
* Driver update failure
* Undesirable system error, including .dll error, .exe error
* System security issues

How to fix Wfica32.exe error?
After learning the consequences of the error, no matter when you get the Wfica32.exe application error message, you should take immediate actions to detect and fix it without any hesitation. By the way, the besclient.exe application error can also cause such errors to the computer. More information can be found here.

If the Wfica32.exe error message pops up soon after you install a new program, it should be caused by programs conflict. To solve it, simply uninstall the program to see whether the problem has been fixed. If it is fixed, do not reinstall the program again for it must be incompatible with those installed on your computer. If the exe error message remains, turn to the second solution.

So, you need to check whether the signature database of your antivirus program is the latest and then scan your system thoroughly. Make sure your computer is free of virus, so that the other tips can make sense. If the security program detects a virus, the Wfica32.exe not found error may not be fixed immediately.

Besides these two main aspects, to fix the Wfica32.exe application error, you should regularly update and install all available software/hardware driver updates; download and install all Windows service packs; defragment your hard disk regularly at least once a week. All of these help to prevent Wfica32.exe error and fix other computer errors effectively.

The fourth and the most crucial way you should do when trying to fix the Wfica32.exe error is to clean up computer registry. All programs that you install on your PC modify the system registry. Even after uninstalling a program, part of the registry entries that it created usually remain. Normally, these left over entries are for reinstalling the program as it will remember the settings you had used. However, this can give you Wfica32.exe error and slow down your PC as crucial registry entries related to your OS such as system solve computer errorsettings or file associations can get malformed.

With all mentioned solutions above, you can quickly troubleshoot and fix the Wfica32.exe application error on your computer without errors. However, if you do not have enough knowledge to modify and fix the computer registry, I highly advise that you can download and run a registry clean tool. It helps to ensure the stability and security of the computer.

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    Agness Hack -  December 21, 2011 at 11:30 am

    I am having a few random users getting the following error when the connect to application via Web Interface.

    WFICA32.EXE – Application Error
    Error: The instruction at “Ox77c47fd4″ referenced memory at “0x00188008. The memory could not be “read”.

    They are mostly using Windows XP Pro, and and latest client version (9.15). Thanks for your posts here and it helps me to deal with the issues immediately!


  2. Author Image
    Violet -  December 21, 2011 at 11:05 pm

    I had a similar error, but it was machine specific…we eventually updated antivirus and ran a complete scan. It found and deleted a virus and the problem went away. Your testing seems here seems helpful and will try them to see whether it helps!


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