Troubleshoot and solve “Bad Image Checksum” error effectively

During the installation or startup of Windows XP, some users will an error message similar to the following one:
“STOP: c0000221 {Bad image checksum} The image (ModuleName) is possibly corrupt. The header checksum does not match the computed checksum.”

bad checksum error

Because of this bad image checksum error message, users will fail to run the computer properly as usual or even get into the situation of suffering from more serious problems. Luckily, here you will get instructions on how to troubleshoot and solve this error effectively.

If the bad image checksum error message indicates a file such as User32.dll goes corrupt, you can directly extract a new copy of this file from your Windows installation CD to the C:\Windows\System32 folder on your hard disk, where C is the drive you installed Windows. To do this, you can simply perform the steps here:

*Rename the User32.dll file on your PC to User32.old. To do so, go to Start, run, type cmd and press Enter to bring the command prompt; then type the following lines at the command prompt one by one and press ENTER to go. Remember that where Drive is the drive on which you installed your Windows:
cd windows\system32
ren user32.dll user32.old
*After renaming the files, insert the Windows XP CD into your CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive.
*Extract a new copy of the User32.dll file from the Windows XP CD to the Windows\System32 folder on your hard disk. To do this, type “extract CDROMDrive:\i386\user32.dll_ Drive:\windows\system32\user32.dll” and press Enter to go. That is to say, if your CD-ROM is drive E and Windows is installed on driver C, you should type “e:\i386\user32.dll_ c:\windows\system32\user32.dll”. This way, a fresh new user32.dll will be extracted and overwritten the corrupt version of your PC.

If you have followed the above steps to extract a new file to the computer but still get the bad image checksum error message, remove or replace the bad RAM. When there is not enough RAM for the computer to start up or install your Windows XP, you will also come to the chance to get this bad checksum error message. At this time, first identify whether the memory module is working properly on your computer or not. If not, directly replace it with a new one.

Thirdly, make sure that all hardware on your computer is working well without errors. It is quite common that some hardware devices are not plugged firmly, and finally cause a bad image checksum error message. By the way, you’d better make sure that all drivers for those hardware devices are updated to the latest versions. Only when they are connected properly without errors, will the computer start up or run correctly without issues.

Fourthly, completely scan and remove all computer threats. It is notoriously known that viruses are able to attack and remove any file from the computer. If the system cannot locate some required files, it may fail to start up or launch properly by either showing you a bad image checksum error message or some other kinds of PC errors. For this concern, you should run your computer protection program immediately to scan and remove any computer viruses.

Lastly, you need to repair Windows registry errors. Registry has a very important role in ensuring the proper running of the computer. That is to say, the keys and values of the registry is the representation of system configuration and settings; and no matter whenever you install or uninstall a program, it will automatically add or remove entries to / from the registry database. Due to this fact, this database gets larger and larger as time goes; but if it is full with too many useless, invalid, broken entries after a bad program install/uninstall or virus infection, it may become the major cause for many computer errors. If the system cannot locate the required entries to load the PC or launch some certain programs, a bad image checksum error message will display immediately. It is really important to keep this database clean and compact as it controls the proper running of the computer.

So, even though many unknown reasons can cause a bad image checksum error message on system or program startup, you are able to troubleshoot and solve it on your own. But if you want to get everything solved easily, download the best computer optimization tool here! It will completely scan the whole PC and solve all errors causing such errors immediately.

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