Simple solutions to “Error 4450 CD burn error”

“The attempt to burn a CD failed. An unknown error occurred (4450)”.

error 4450 CD burn error

Such an error 4450 CD burn error might appear while you are trying to burn from iTunes to CDs. Some have ever tried reducing burn speed but to no avail. If you are suffering from such an error right now; stop worrying and I will show you the simplest solutions to fix it. Read More →



Check and repair error code 13019 immediately

An error saying “An unknown error occurred (13019)” message might appear annoyingly while you are trying to sync your iPod via iTunes, stopping you from enjoying the desired resources pleasantly. I find some users complain that they have ever tried erasing all content and settings, restoring to factory settings but nothing helps. What is the best solution to this error code 13019?

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iTunes is unable to browse album covers on this computer – How to do?

“iTunes is unable to browse album covers on this computer”

iTunes error message

All of a sudden, you will fail to use the use coverflow on your Movie library because of the above error message. Sometimes, it can also happen when you are trying to browse by Convert Art in the playlist. I, too, experienced the same issue and was able to fix it myself with the following solutions. Read More →



My iTunes won’t update – How to update iTunes correctly?

Some day when going to iTunes on the computer, you will get a pop up saying a new iTunes is now available would you like to download and install it. After pressing YES, same as other users,you will be prompted to restart the computer as part of the process. But the problem is that, nothing happens when it comes back – it downloads anything. And same error message occurs when going into iTunes. Why the iTunes won’t update and what should you do right now?

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iTunes error 2003 repair – Solve iTunes error 2003 by yourself

While trying to restore iphone via iTunes, some PC users always get the same error “iPhone could not be restored, an unknown error occurred (2003)”. Some complained that even though they have searched in many forums and tried many solutions, same iTunes error 2003 appeared again and again. So what really causes this error and how can you solve this iTunes error by yourself?

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How to fix iTunes error 1002 on your computer quickly?

iTunes usually give an error message 1002 just before the end of the firmware restoration process while users are restoring iOS 4.3.3 Custom IPSW. It means you will fail to do the restore job properly as usually. Right now with the popularity of iTunes, lots of users face with this iTunes error 1002, but there is no need to worry too much! Here, I will show you some simple solutions to fix the error code 1002 on iTunes the quickest way.

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iTunes error 23 – Steps to fix iTunes error 23 on your own

Keep getting an unexpected error (23) in iTunes while trying to update? Yeah, it is an error that typically occurs when security software interferes with the restore and update process, stopping you from installing the updates correctly. With the common usage of the iTunes, such error will make your PC life inconvenient and less enjoyable. Don’t worry! Here I will introduce you some solutions to fix iTunes error 23 on your own!

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