HTTP 403 Forbidden – How to Fix HTTP 403 Forbidden Error Quickly?

403 Forbidden error is an HTTP status code returned by a web server while a user requests a web page or media but the server does not allow them to access successfully. That is to say, the server can be reached, but was declined to allow access to the page. However, administrators can limit access to a web domain’s directory by removing the anonymous user or requiring a password to view the contents correctly. Do not know how to do? Follow the solutions here right now!

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HTTP error 12029 – What error 12029 mean and how to fix it exactly?

When trying to surf the Internet, you will come to the chance to get one of the following error 12029 messages and cannot browse your desired websites correctly.

ERROR 12029: NS_E_NO_EXISTING_PACKETIZER.The Error Descriptions:” There is no existing packetizer plugin for a stream”.%0 .The error code is caused by the Windows Media Server.
ERROR 12029: ERROR_INTERNET_CANNOT_CONNECT.unknow cause, reference the code name.
Error: (12029) A connection with the Server could Not Be Established

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