Lmgrd.exe application error – Methods to solve lmgrd.exe error quickly

lmgrd.exe – Application Error
The instruction at “0x0013e854″ referenced memory at “0x00000001″. The memory could not be “read”.
Click on OK to terminate the program
Click on CANCEL to debug

solve lmgrd.exe error

The above lmgrd.exe application error message will happen when you are trying to boot up the computer or some certain programs to stop you from logging onto your system correctly. But what really causes the problem and how to solve the lmgrd.exe error by yourself? Don’t worry about that and here you will get detailed solutions to fix it immediately.

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Faxcool.exe error fix – Steps to solve faxcool.exe error instantly

fix faxcool.exe errorDo you want to fix the faxcool.exe error your computer as it appears again and again to interrupt your working efficiency? Though it is not a common computer error that faced with lots of computer users, you should fix it immediately once seeing it on your screen to make sure the proper running of the computer. If you are not sure about how to fix it, just be patient to read through my article as I will show you detailed instructions here to troubleshoot and fix faxcool.exe error within clicks. Read More →

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Re5dx9.exe error fix – Best solutions to fix re5dx9.exe error

Error related with re5dx9.exe is really a common problem that lots of computer user will come across sooner or later when using the computer. And below are some typical types of the re5dx9.exe error messages that you may encounter:

“RE5DX9.exe – Application had a fatal error”

“RE5DX9.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close.”

re5dx9.exe error fix

Some problems such as computer freezing, windows blue screen of death or even system crash will happen after this exe error message appears on your computer. Hence, no matter you are using a new or an old computer, you must repair re5dx9.exe error at once to keep your computer running in good condition all the time. Read More →

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What is searchindexer.exe and how to fix searchindexer.exe application error?

SearchIndexer.exe is a process belonging to Windows service that handles indexing of your files for Windows Search, which fuels the file search engine built into Windows that powers anything from the Start Menu Search box to Windows Explorer, and even the Libraries feature. With the help of this SearchIndexer.exe file, you can properly search the needed files on your computer correctly. However, you are not alone in the world to get the SearchIndexer.exe application error as so many users use computers right now. Here in my article, I will show you detailed solutions on what causes SearchIndexer.exe application error and how to fix it effectively on your computer.

fix exe error

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Rnupgagent.exe error fix – How to Fix Rnupgagent.exe error quickly?

The rnupgagent.exe file belongs to product RealNetworks Installer (32-bit) and was developed by company RealNetworks, Inc. This is an executable file and has description RealNetworks Installer, which means that it is a file that needed by the system to ensure the proper running of the RealNetworks Installer. However, when using the computer, it is not strange for PC users to get the rnupgagent.exe error on the computer and cannot run some programs properly. Most of the time, the rnupgagent.exe error is principally caused by memory issue, driver issue, system32 errors, registry issues and malware attacks. But no matter what is the cause for the exe error on your computer, you will get details here on how to troubleshoot and fix rnupgagent.exe error on your computer quickly.

Rnupgagent.exe error fix

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init.exe error fix – Common solutions fix init.exe error on your computer!

When using the computer, it is very common for computer users to encounter different kinds of init.exe error message as ones shown below:

*”User Init.exe – Application Error – The application failed to initilize properly. (0xc00012d). Check OK to terminate the application.”

* “Taskmgr.exe – Application error /same message as User Init.exe/”.

* init.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close.

fix init.exe error

When Init.exe error happens, some certain software or the hardware won’t run properly as usual with frequent appearance of error 2 error messages; or sometimes, it will make your system or programs hang randomly without any obvious reasons. So you should take immediate actions to fix init.exe error soon when noticing it on your screen.

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What is cli.exe file and how to fix cli.exe application error?

cli.exe – Application Error

The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135). Click on OK to terminate the application.

fix application error

Have you ever received this cli.exe application error message when using the computer? In my opinion, even though it is not a common computer problem, you cannot ignore it when getting it on your screen. Otherwise, it will cause more and more serious problems to the computer, for example, the common Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Runtime Error.

Cli.exe is an executable program, which is used by the ATI catalyst driver programs. Normally, this file is stored in your hard drive under a name like “Program Files/ATI/cli.exe.” Although it helps to perform some functions, it is not essential to common computer functions and is not needed from most computer users. In my opinion, if you are a computer game lover, you may need the ATI Catalyst Control Center program in order to tune and Read More →

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