How to fix error code 10061 on your own?

When trying to visit some pages, users might annoyingly receive an error code 10061 message saying that “Connection refused Background; the server you are attempting to access has refused the connection with the gateway”. Most of the time, such an error appears while you are trying to connect to a service that is not inactive on the server or some other problems on the PC.

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How to fix Error code 0X80508023?

Your Windows Defender keeps showing an error code 0X80508023 message when you are trying to perform a virus scan? Do you want to well protect the computer from viruses but keep on receiving a code 0X80508023 error message? This error should be repaired immediately so as to prevent further corruption in other applications on the machine.

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Error 0X800745D repair – Solve error 0X800745D immediately on your own

Whenever trying to copy any file to the hard disk or delete any file from hard disk, you will annoyingly receive an error saying “The request could not be performed because of an i/o device error; Error 0X8007045D”. Sometimes, such a code 0X8007045D error message might happen during a backup, stopping you from enjoying the files/folders on the machine properly. Don’t worry! Here are some things that you should do to solve this error on your own.

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Can’t login 0X80004005 error – Resolve it immediately

Can’t log in to your PC because of an activation error (Windows cannot correctly check the license for this computer error 0X80004005)? No matter how many times you have tried to enter the password? I have just had the this same can’t login 0X80004005 error, but was so lucky to fix it with the below steps.

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Error code: ERR_too_Many_Redirects – Causes and fixes

Whenever trying to access a site, some users keep on receiving a message saying “Error 310 (net::ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS): There were too many redirects.” But the problem is that the site is up as they are able to access them from iPhone. Why does this error message occur and how can you fix it easily on your own?

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Windows Store error code 0X80240017 – Fix it yourself

Your app store begins to work improperly and gives you an error code 0X80240017? You tried to reinstall them but kept on receiving message saying they couldn’t be installed and to try again later? Yeah, you will at sometimes unluckily get the Windows Store error code 0X80240017 while using the computer. But you are so lucky to come to my post here as I will show you how to fix it soon.

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Causes and solutions to computer error 1406

When trying to install or launch a program, you may receive a message indicating that “Computer error 1406.setup cannot write the value to the registry key”. Thus, they will not able to finish the installation process or launch the desired programs correctly. After talking about the Windows Media Player error “An internal application error has occurred“, I will show you how to fix this computer error 1406 in this post.

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