HTTP Error 416 – Requested Range not satisfiable

You occasionally encounter the dreaded ”HTTP Error 416 – Requested Range not satisfiable” error near the end of your download? The process has to stop and leave you with 95-99% of your incomplete download? It will be very annoying to find the download process just hangs because of a HTTP error 416 message. Fortunately, here I will show you some steps on how to go.

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Why won’t my computer download anything? Download whatever as you like

Failed to download whatever file you like from the computer? Many users complain that the computer will not download anything…Even though the download window pops up and they are able to select run and it shows them the download progress, but nothing else happens…It is widely common that users will share and download files/programs or some other resources via the Internet every day so as to fully enjoy the computer. But things become frustrating if the computer won’t download anything.

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