System restore error code 0X81000203 – Fix error code 0X81000203 instantly

Some computer users were unable to set a restore point or do a restore job in Windows-based computer due to this annoying error message:
“There was an unexpected error in the properety page: System Restore encountered an error. Please try to run System Restore again. (0X81000203) Please close the property page and try again.”

system restore error 0X81000203

However, we know that system restore is a helpful utility to maintain computer performance; with which you are able to instantly get back your computer when something goes wrong. There is no need to worry about error code 0X81000203 anymore and here you will be able to instantly troubleshoot & fix it.

When suffering from the system restore error code 0X81000203, you have to make sure that the computer is well protected against viruses. We know that hard disk has been the main object of computer virus as it is used to store almost all files on the computer. Once the disk has been attacked, some files will be loss and hard disk space will be eaten up, causing the system restore error and some other Microsoft error messages.  Run a powerful anti-virus program to detect and remove all these threats from your computer immediately. By the way, it is highly suggested that you should always let such computer protection tool running in the background to realtime protect your PC and personal information.

Also, it is highly recommended that you can restore BIOS settings to their default levels. Sometimes, an incorrect setting within the BIOS will bring in the happening of the error code 0X81000203.
* Press F1 or F2 to enter CMOS setup during windows boot
* To fix 0×0000008e Error, you should find out and click an option to reset the CMOS values to the default setting or an option to load the fail-safe defaults.
* You would be asked if you are sure you wish to load the defaults, press Y key in your keyboard.
* Save and Exit BIOS to confirm the action to fix error code 0X81000203.

Thirdly, you have to update all available updates, including Windows service pack. It’s also very possible that the outdated drivers for the device could cause restore error code error code 0X81000203. So the third step that you should do to solve this problem is to run a driver checker to detect and update all of your outdated drivers to the latest one. Also, do remember to run all available Windows service pack to make sure that your system is always updated.

However, if the error code 0X81000203 message still appears after the above steps, the problem may exist in the computer itself, especially errors inside Windows registry database and you  have to check and fix computer registry errors. Windows registry is a special-purpose database for Windows-based operating system is used to store records of state-changing events like those performed through the Control Panel. The information just like the configuration of a setting, the addition/removal of a program, or of a user are examples of events that are stored within the registry. But due to some incomplete program install/uninstall or virus attacks, it is very easy for such database to get corrupted, causing the computer to run unstably or the appearance of the system restore error code 0X81000203 and other computer errors.

Even though you will get the system restore error code 0X81000203 in many situations, you are able to instantly check and fix it with the simple solutions. Good luck and wish my solutions here help you enjoy an error-free computer quickly.

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  1. Author Image
    Jameson Beat -  September 19, 2012 at 11:11 pm

    When I open system restore tab from computer properties where we can switch system restore on or off it says System restore unexpectected error occur (error: 0x81000203). I am using WINDOWS 7 & QUICK HEAL TOTAL SECURITY & QUICK HEAL FIREWALL. I cannot create a restore point manually. I do hope that you can solve the issue for me soon.


  2. Author Image
    Nash Myra -  September 22, 2012 at 12:08 pm

    When I attempt to open system restore (Windows 7 home pre.) I get error 0x81000203. Thanks to let me know how to solve this error.


  3. Author Image
    hhm waelen -  January 17, 2013 at 7:42 am

    to fix: put off the turbo mode in tuneup utilities 9-10-11 if you have it installed


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