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Windows computer can become slow as time goes due to many reasons. At this time, the main features of the system will take a very longer time to open files, connect to the Internet or display your desired pages, etc. In this way, a slow running computer will delay the work and study of the PC users. Hence, it is very important for you to learn how to optimize your PC setting & speed up PC performance.

optimize computer performance

Well protect the PC against threats. A computer infected with spyware usually suffers a drastic decrease of system performance or sudden system shutdown problems. Once you have found out that your computer has these symptoms, you may need to check the health of the system. Spyware refers to a type of malware that is used by cyber criminals for victims’ private or commercial files collection. The process of spyware infection and spreading tour require the system to offer them large amounts of system resources and network bandwidth. To speed up a slow computer and optimize computer performance, you may consider enabling Malicious Software Removal Tool or Microsoft Security Essentials on your computer if you are a Windows- base user. The Malicious Software Removal Tool and Microsoft Security Essentials are all from Microsoft Safety and Security Center. They are designed as the ultimate solutions for the poorly protect system and the slow computer. Please note that you may have no need to enable the Windows Live One Care on the computer for Microsoft is going to disable this service.

Free up disk space. You can maintain computer performance by easily freeing up hard disk space. You can easily do this with the Disk Cleanup tool as it will identify files that you can safely delete, and then enables you to choose whether you want to delete some or all of the identified files or not. Most of the time, it helps to:
* Remove temporary Internet files.
* Remove downloaded program files (such as Microsoft ActiveX controls and Java applets).
* Empty your Recycle Bin.
* Remove unneeded Windows temporary files.
* Remove all installed files that your programs no longer use

Add more RAM. So, if your RAM is lower than 1 G, I highly suggest that you can upgrade it to 2 G at least or higher. If you already have more than 2 G but still get the a slow running PC frequently, do not run many programs at one time and you should disable some unneeded startup items to speed up PC performance at system starts. To do this, you can simply go to Start, Run, type “msconfig” in the search box and press Enter to go; then disable the unneeded ones within the “Startup” tab.

Download and run some computer repair tools. Actually, to make your computer run faster easily, you can use some computer optimization tools to help you fix all problems that would cause a slow Internet connection speed and the slow PC performance. To my own experience, I would like to highly recommend one of the best computer optimization tools – RegCure Pro. It is a program that helps not only repair the slow computer speed and speed up computer performance, but also clean up hard disk, back up or restore system, and fix all common PC problems within minutes.

These are some of the common methods which you can use to speed up PC performance. If you are still facing with the problem in optimizing computer performance then you can take them one by one right now to get faster computer performance immediately.

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  1. Author Image
    Philomena Liza -  March 27, 2012 at 7:35 pm

    Will clean the Windows Registry Speed Up My PC? I think it doesn’t speed up computer performance. It just helps something(I don’t know).I want to say you make me believe it now.


  2. Author Image
    Gabrielle Cicely -  March 28, 2012 at 12:14 am

    I have installed additional memory, deleted temp files, recycle bin, cleaned up and condensed files. Worked fine for a bit. Now slower than ever. I have DSL and that works fine. Forget RoadRunner, had a prob from day one. PC is Dell and approx. 5yrs old. Never had any probs up til now. Tried the tips here and it runs much faster.


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