Object Expected Error – How to Fix Object Expected Error in IE in Simple Steps

What is object expected error?

Object expected error is common and tough problem in Internet Explorer. The error reflects that there is something wrong in the HTML document. Object expected error could be annoying to windows system and web browser. Do you want to fix object expected error in IE and surf internet without any interruption? Here is the right article for you.

What cause object expected error?

Sometime, the error only occurs when you visit certain websites and the problem is of course due to those website. In such case, you could do nothing to fix object expected error. Most of time, the problem is due to some system files such as Xvidcore.dll or Wmiprvse.exe could not respond or load correctly , so comes the object expected error or Javascript void error.

How to fix object expected error in IE?

Here are some simple tips you could use when you encounter the javascript error in IE.

To remove cookies and temporary internet file and release more space for your internet explorer.
1. Run Internet Explorer.
2. Click Tools in the menu and click “Internet Options.”
3. Under browsing history, click “Delete”.
4. Put a check mark beside the “Temporary Internet files” and “Cookies” dialog boxes. (Note: You may prefer to put a check mark on the other dialog boxes as well.)
5. Click the “Delete” button.
6. Click “OK.”

Now you could try and see whether object expected error is fixed.

To turn off javascript alert in IE
1. Click Tools in the main menu
2. Go to Internet Options
3. Under the Advanced tab, you would see “Display a Notification about Every Script Error”. Uncheck this option.

Notes: the little tips may not help fix object expected error completely as it is really a complicated one. For common computer users, any further instruction involving windows registry will be too complicated. Just try these two tips above. If you still have object expected error in IE, it is time to call a PC technician or have a look at the system fix tool below.

Recommended way to fix object expected error in IE

For computer users who do not have enough PC knowledge, a system fix tool is the best choice to fix object expected error in IE. The one we recommend here is called Advanced PC Tweater, which is designed to fix various computer errors and optimize pc to its best performance. It is recommended to run a system fix tool at least once a week, so that your computer can run as fast and stable as a new one.

Fix object expected error with RegCure Pro before it masses up your system.

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