My computer keeps freezing and how to stop computer from freezing randomly?

Computer keeps freezing? When you are working something important on the computer, does it suddenly freeze up and then mouse & screen stops moving? I think no matter you are running an old or a brand new computer, you have at some points found the computer unexpectedly freeze up. At this time, the only thing you can do is to forcibly turn off the computer, causing some damaged data loss. But, isn’t there any way to stop computer from freezing randomly?

stop computer from freezing

First of all, you should check and remove spyware. Spyware is notorious for it has the ability to silently get into your system and steal your private information for commercial purposes. Once your computer has been deeply destroyed by spyware, you may consider enabling a reliable and ultra- powerful spyware removal tool on your computer to help you. The best and the most efficient method to remove spyware for Windows users is to enable the Microsoft Essential Security on the poorly secured system. Microsoft Essential Security is a free and comprehensive spyware removal tool for legitimate Windows- based compute users to safely, totally and instantly remove any sign of malicious programs and technology from your computer. To stop frequent computer freezing, you should make a free scan for your computer with Microsoft Essential Security immediately.

Secondly, you should uninstall the unnecessary programs. It is common that the computer users will install many programs on the computer but they hardly work with such software. Most of the time, these programs eat up valuable computer memory and system resources to greatly slow down the computer and eventually cause a computer freezing. So to stop computer from freezing up randomly, you should go through the Add/Remove Programs list and check the programs which don’t use at all, and then uninstall them one by one from your computer immediately.

Thirdly, empty some useless desktop icons. Some users select to create desktop shortcuts for almost all programs or place applications directly on the desktop. They believe that this helps to easily run them when necessary without realizing that this action will absolutely slow the computer down. No matter whenever you start up the computer, it has to first load all these files before getting into the system. The computer will become desperately slow or even freeze up if there are too many shortcuts. So, do remember to regularly clean the shortcuts if you want to run a much faster computer life.

Same as empty desktop icons, you should know that right now, the computer play a warehouse for you to store all of your files, your games, your images, your videos… all these things are stored in your hard drive. If this warehouse is filled up with things in disorder, it will be difficult to fit things into the same places or locate the exactly right things properly. In this way, it will take much longer time for the computer to locate and timely access the files that it needs correctly, which will cause slow startup, slow shutdown or slow program running or even random computer freezing up. But this is not your false as you have no ability to decide where the things should be, to my own experience. At this time, you should defragment your hard drive to make everything put in order and can be accessed easily.

If possible, you can add more Ram to fix your slow computer. We know that no matter which program you are running, it require a lot of RAM space to run properly. System cannot respond your action on the computer immediately and you have to wait for a long time when there is insufficient RAM on the computer. So to stop computer from freezing randomly, you can add more RAM for your slow PC. This is a great and effective answer to “why my computer keeps freezing”.

Finally, you should keep the Windows registry clean and error- free. An invalid Windows registry full of obsolete registry keys and undesirable registry files seem to have the capability to bring about a list of further dangerous registry problems and some unexpected computer shutdown, startup or freezing problem. However, it is not recommended to enable Registry Editor to manage registry problems for the mistakes or errors pop up during the repair process may result in serious system errors which require you to reinstall the system. On purpose to get back an error- free registry, you may consider enabling a trustworthy registry cleaner on your PC. A trustworthy registry cleaner can help you fix any annoying registry errors and remove undesirable registry files automatically and safely. With the trustworthy registry cleaner, you can easily stop frequent computer freezing and improve computer performance within few mouse clicks.

To sum, a computer that keeps freezing can greatly affect your working or study efficiency. What is more, a sudden computer shutdown on the other side can bring in some unexpected data loss, causing the computer work unstably. By keeping on the above steps in your daily life, I believe you can easily stop computer from freezing and enjoy a pleasant PC life all the time.

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  1. Author Image
    Haskins Beard -  November 3, 2012 at 10:52 pm

    Every 5 min my stupid computer keeps freezing for a long time! Sometimes it stays like that for 30 min so I have to turn off my computer! I found your solutions helpful and will follow all your tips here to go immediately.


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    Ulysses Ash -  November 6, 2012 at 2:53 pm

    My computer keeps freezing roughly 10 minutes after starting up every time. It always starts up fine but after running for around 10 mins it freezes. Sometimes when it freezes I can just about move the mouse pointer around but it is super slow and laggy. I can’t get up the task manager or start menu etc, it just freezes…but I am so glad that your solutions here solve the error immediately for me. Thanks…


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