Java error 1606 – Steps to fix Java error 1606 easily

Java error 1606 is a troublesome errors that troubles millions of PC users right now and it generally shows when you’re trying to open a web page or use a piece of software that makes use of Java. Though it is a rather common error, it can eventually make the computer to run much slower together with many unknown PC errors. You have to fix these errors as soon as you can so as to visit all sites and make the computer run properly all the time.

fix Java error

You should know that all active scripting, ActiveX controls, and java applets are key components to JavaScript in order to make your browsers run properly. If it is disabled, you will come to the chance to get Java error 1606. Here are instructions for you to enable these features if you are using Mozilla Firefox:

* Open your Firefox browser, and select “Tools” in the top.
* Click “Options” and then select “Content”.
* Check the “Enable JavaScript” checkbox.
* Click OK.

Besides, it is recommended that you have already downloaded the most recent version of DirectX as the older on will interfere with your browser’s ability to and cause the JavaScript problems.

Sometimes, some programs on the PC will also bring in the appearance of Java error 1606. At this time, you can disable or uninstall programs that cause JavaScript problems. Sometimes, the JavaScript error can be caused by program conflictions. So to solve your problem, you should disable or uninstall the programs that installed before the problem appears. By the way, it is better that you can clear all of your cookies and temporary Internet files by following steps below:

* Open your browsers and then click on “Tools”.
* Select “Options” and then “Privacy”.
* Click on “Remove individual cookies”.
* Press “Ok” to proceed.

To overcome the Java error 1606 and run your computer properly, first you should run a scan your computer with a trusted antispyware antivirus program and remove all PC threats from your computer. By the way, it is best that you can let your antispyware program to run every time you boot the computer and run in the background. This helps to block & remove all existing and potential threats to the computer.

Finally, you still have to check and fix Windows registry errors. At this time, you can fix problems in your registry using a tool called a registry cleaner as it helps not only get rid of any IE script error problems, but also get rid of all deeply rooted problems within your registry. These problems can cause computer slowness, computer startup/shutdown problems or other numerous dll, java error 1606, exe problems, etc. With a registry cleaner to help you, these problems can be fixed immediately and your computer will be running almost like when you just bought it. Many registry cleaners are great at doing these jobs; however, you should always be careful in selecting a registry cleaner as some are very difficult to work with, and may cause more serious problems to the computer.

If you are not sure which registry cleaner you can use to fix Java error 1606, I highly advise you to use RegCure Pro. It will thoroughly scan your whole PC and get rid of all errors causing this problem the quickest way.

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  1. Author Image
    Painter Andy -  August 19, 2012 at 8:32 am

    For two months now I have gone without java because of this stupid error! Every time I try to install it loads and says “error 1606 could not locate %appdata%”. I have tried EVERYTHING. I tried deleting java, downloading the offline installer and trying offline, I searched my computer of every file containing the word java and deleted it, I ran the exe in compatibility mode and as an administrator, and none have worked! Fixed the registry errors you have said and now the issue was repaired soon.


  2. Author Image
    Rosina Man -  August 21, 2012 at 4:34 pm

    How come I can’t upload photos on facebook, and java error shows error 1606?I don’t want to use the simple uploader, that will be a tedious task.I’m using vista and my browsers are chrome and mozilla. Great solutions here to help me.


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