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The iTunes error 9006 is known to be a connection related error, which normally occurs while you are trying to download some movies or some other files to your iTunes. Some will find it appear recently as they are able to download hundreds of songs & a couple of movies but did not get this error message before. So, it you just get the error code 9006 in iTunes recently, check whether you have downloaded accelerator or an internet network capacity indicator. If so, directly remove them as they are above to interrupt the iTunes connection. If not, follow the steps below to deal with the iTunes error 9006.

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Here are simple ways that you can check & fix the iTunes error 9006 manually by yourself:
*Open your iTunes application on the computer.
*At the top of the iTunes application, open the Store button and check for any new updates that are available. If there aren’t any updates available for download, you will have the option to check for recent buys.
*Type in your account credentials, and choose to Check; then the iTunes application will begin downloading your recent buys.
*If the download process runs without any interruptions, this means everything is correct with your iTunes connection. This means that there is something wrong with your network adapter or router, which is blocking a specific Apple server.
* Then, directly download version 8 of Internet Explorer and restart your computer. This will fix the issue right away.

If you cannot solve the problem with the above solutions, scan and remove all computer infections from the computer. We all know that besides collecting and stealing users’ privacy, viruses or malicious threats are able to attack and remove any files it wants from the computer. Sometimes, they can disguise themselves as the legitimate process file on your computer and does whatever it likes, leading the happen of iTunes error 9006 from time to time.

Thirdly, do remember to repair Windows registry on your computer. Windows registry, acting as the main component of the computer, is used to store all settings and options of the hardware and software. Once it is full with invalid or broken entries, it will be impossible for the system to access & read the needed files properly, causing iTunes error 9006 when the iTunes cannot recall the necessary files to launch correctly. Hence, simply fix Windows registry with a trusted registry repair tool to make your computer always work at stable performance all the time.

If all the above solutions do not solve the iTunes error 9006 on the computer, uninstall and reinstall the iTunes program. This will sometimes deal with the iTunes error is it was caused by some issues existing in the application itself.

Take the above solutions carefully and you can quickly fix iTunes error 9006 and other errors instantly. Good luck and wish you run the computer & iTunes correctly all the time!

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    Kimberley Castle -  June 25, 2012 at 8:09 pm

    I’ve been trying to update my iPod(iPod touch 4th generation) for the past day and each time I’ve gotten multiple errors. The main ones being 3529 and 9006. I haven’t even gotten to the update part, it keeps failing to download the update at all. Thanks to write this article to help me.


  2. Author Image
    Daphne Elder -  June 27, 2012 at 1:48 pm

    I recently bought an ipod nano 5th generation from ebay which was refurbished. When I recieved it was working good. When I connected it to itunes it told me that I had to update it, so after a while that it had started updating I got a message which said (error=9006) and it stopped the entire download. So I like your article very much on how I can stop this error to keep showing up every time I try to update my ipod.


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