iTunes error 4000 repair – Fix iTunes error 4000 simply

When trying to burn CDs from the iTunes playlist, some users will keep on getting a 4000 error message and cannot burn the CDs correctly as usual. In many situations, the iTunes error 4000 usually come to happen when another CD burning program is running or another CD burning program has contents waiting to be burned or something else has been set as the default burning program. Don’t worry! Here you will get solutions to fix iTunes error 4000 simply.

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To solve the code 4000 iTunes error, go to the Control Panel and Add/Remove programs then scroll down to iTunes and click Change/Remove then select the Repair option, DO NOT select uninstall. This will restore all of iTunes settings to default and should fix the CD burning issues you might be having specifically related to error 4000.

If you are not able to fix the iTunes problem with the above solutions, go to the Edit/Preferences menu and on the Burning tab set the “Preferred Speed” to 8x instead of the default (“Maximum Possible”). Try burning again to see whether the issue was fixed.

If you are still unable to fix the iTunes error 4000 with the above solutions, directly click start > control panel > Addd/remove programs> iTunes> change/uninstall and then “uninstall” to uninstall it from the computer. This re-installs iTunes as the main CD burning program and overrides any competing burning software, like Nero for example. But there is no need to worry that you will lose your music. Even though you have uninstalled and reinstalled the iTunes, all your music will still be there.

Besides the above aspects, Windows registry errors will sometimes cause the iTunes error 4000 messages. We know that the registry on Windows-based operating system stores a lot of information on your computer, specifically hardware and software changes, user profile settings and system and network settings. And all the activities you do, for example, installing and uninstalling programs, opening applications, changing the display and settings and even browsing a website can get stored on the registry. Registry will tell the system when and how to perform all these tasks correctly. However, corrupt registries can easily occur during the process of manually deleting a program, or removing a file or virus infection. When the iTunes cannot load the desired entries to burn your music correctly, you will no doubt get the iTunes error 4000 messages. So, the final tip you should do right now is to easily download & install a powerful registry repair tool to thoroughly scan & fix all Windows registry errors on the computer automatically. With a clean and compact registry database, you will be able to run the computer properly all the time.

In a word, right now iTunes is popular with lots of PC users and there is no doubt that you will encounter kinds of iTunes error messages just like iTunes error 4000. But if you take the above solutions correctly, you will be able to enjoy your iTunes and computer correctly all the time.

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    Yolande Winn -  July 18, 2012 at 11:23 pm

    I have Audio CD checked. I have tried every speed. I got it to burn once without the include text and use sound check, but the resulting burn was of such poor quality that you could not bear to listen to it. I tried MP3 but get the error that they won’t burn because they are not MP3 to begin with. I just want to get the stuff I purchase from Itunes into a format that I can burn to a CD or transfer to my non-itunes mp3 player, but the error 4000 happens every time. Maybe I should try all your solutions here!


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    Yolande Winn -  July 19, 2012 at 11:48 am

    iTunes is giving me this error every time I try to burn a CD: “The attempt to burn a disc failed. An unknown error occurred (4000)”. It troubles me a very longer time, and thanks so much that you tell me how to fix it soon.


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