iTunes error -3212 – How can you fix iTunes error -3212 effectively?

While connecting to the iTunes store, have you ever received an error message saying iTunes could not connect to the iTunes Store. An unknown error occurred (-3212)? Many iTunes users suffered from this issue but do not know what it means or how to immediately get rid of it from the computer. Actually, besides the Internet connection problem, this iTunes error -3212 can be caused by many other aspects, but they are very easy to be checked and fixed quickly.

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From the error message you can know that, to fix the iTunes error -3212 you have to make sure that you can access to the Internet properly and you have been already using the latest version of iTunes; and there is nothing wrong with your Firewall setting, your date & time settings and Proxy settings. But the most important thing that you need to do is to check that all files on your computer are clean and readable properly.

Secondly, update your drivers to the latest ones. Most computer errors like iTunes error -3212 and computer boot up errors can be caused by outdated hardware and drivers existing on your computer. So to simply update the outdated drivers could fix these errors on your computer.

After updating the drivers, scan your PC for viruses or spyware programs. Lots of viruses and spyware programs can cause the iTunes error, especially ones that is capable of infecting the master boot record (MBR) or boot sector. However, it is necessary for you to first make sure your anti-spyware program is upgraded to the completely up-to-date version and it is better that you can configure it to scan the MBR and boot sector.

If the above steps do not fix the problem, uninstall and reinstall iTunes on your computer. A simple error within the iTunes application will make the computer to run improperly by showing error code -3212. At this time, you should go to Add/Remove Programs to uninstall iTunes from the computer. By the way, it is highly recommended that you should run a freeware registry cleaner to detect and remove all leftover registry entries from the computer. Registry is the place that used to contain all the important settings and options of the Windows computer. Once it is full with invalid entries, it will be very easy to cause kinds of computer errors when it cannot access and read the needed ones, including the iTunes error -3212.

We know that registry is the main part of all Windows-based OS as it contains and stores all setting & options of the computer. Hence, the system will read through the whole registry database for corresponding entries when you are installing the iTunes to ensure its proper installation and running. However, the iTunes error -3212 messages will happen due to a missing or corrupted a registry entry. After fixing all the broken/missing entries in registry database, you can quickly fix the error -3212 on iTunes.

In conclusion, with the common usage of the iTunes it will be easy for you to get kinds of error messages including the iTunes error -3212. But take it easy and just follow the steps here, I am sure you can quickly get rid of this error permanently.

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  1. Author Image
    Alfreda Sally -  September 3, 2012 at 4:25 am

    Every time I try to access the iTunes Store this error message pops up:
    iTunes could not connect to the iTunes Store. An unknown error occured (-3212). Make sure your network connection is active and try again. I was able to connect to the Internet, but still get the same error message. Thanks so much for the suggestions here to help me.


  2. Author Image
    Yarbrough Roy -  September 4, 2012 at 11:13 pm

    I have an Internet connection but iTunes seems to think I do not. Followed the steps here and I was able to get rid of the error code 3212 soon.


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