iTunes error 3150 issue – Solve iTunes error 3150 instantly

Some iTunes users will keep on getting a recurring error of -3150 ‘network connection cannot be made’ when trying to download something from the store. But it is unlucky that they are not able to find enough details to deal with the problem even though they have read through all of the Apple support docs. This will be very annoying, but here I will sum up some helpful instructions to solve iTunes error 3150 instantly.

fix iTunes error

The first step that you should do is to check whether you are properly connected to the internet. Also, you should make sure that that some errors may cause due to the problems on the other users end, for example, outdated drivers, too many programs running in the background, etc. If you are sure that you are running at high speed but still get the error message, follow the steps below to go.

Secondly, you should update the application driver. If you couldn’t find the relevant driver in your hand, download it from its official website (most application official website offers latest drivers to be downloaded). Make sure you are downloading and installing the correct driver for your application, otherwise what you are trying is just invalid. If not, directly uninstall and reinstall the latest version of iTunes on your computer.

Thirdly, if you have some other USB devices on the computer, it may interfere with the communication between iTunes and the iOS device and then result in the iTunes error 3150 messages. So, you can simply disconnect other USB devices to solve the problem.

Then, clean up any registry errors on your computer. Some users will ignore this when encountering the iTunes error 3150 without realizing that registry is the main component of the computer. Registry contains all the settings and options of the computer so when something goes wrong, numerous error will come on the neck of another. If the system cannot recall the required entries to load the iTunes correctly, you will get the error code 3150. So do remember to scan and fix your registry problems with a trusted registry repair utility.

Still troubled with the iTunes error 3150? Want to download all your want correctly without problem? Perform the above solutions right now and you can do the job instantly without issue.

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    Vargas Doe -  July 3, 2012 at 7:36 am

    fter signing into iTunes on the new computer, take an external storage device(thumb drive or a hard drive with a USB cable) and copy your iTunes library onto that. After you’re done copy the library from the storage device to the same directory on your new computer. This method will be slower because the files need to be transferred twice, but will be more stable as it is not happening over WiFi and solve the iTunes error 3150.


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    Salome Alpert -  July 4, 2012 at 12:49 am

    Hi,so I got a new laptop and I enabled home sharing on my old laptop,it has taken the ENTIRE DAY just to import 250 out of about 600 songs,and it kept cancelling,so I kept having to do it again,but it started from where it had gotten to,so wasn’t starting from scratch every time,but now the share tab on both laptops has disappeared,so on the old one i managed to turn off home sharing then turn it back on ,but now it is saying ‘home sharing could not be activated because an error occured(-3150),when i typed in the password on the old laptop. Followed all your tips and now the problem was fixed instantly.


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