iTunes 1202 error fix – Tips to fix iTunes 1202 error instantly

“We could not complete your iTunes Store request. An unknown error occurred (-1202). There was an error in the iTunes Store when I trying to sign in my iTunes. It is a fact that lots of PC users prefer to use iTunes right now; on the other side, some users are suffering from kinds of iTunes errors like iTunes 1202 error or iTunes 3252 error, etc. If you are facing with any iTunes errors right now, continue on reading here and you will get solutions to fix iTunes 1202 error the quickest way.

fix iTunes error

To deal with the iTunes 1202 error, first you have to check and make sure that all device drivers are configured correctly. Also, download and install all available drivers/Windows updates to make sure that all hardware/software are running and recalled properly at any time.

Secondly, if you have some other USB devices on the computer, it may interfere with the communication between iTunes and the iOS device and then result in the iTunes error 1202 messages. So, you can simply disconnect other USB devices to solve the problem.

Also, to resolve the issue, it is important that you determine the causes first and then do the necessary steps to address them. If you think that there are issues with ITunes, then you have to re-install this program. Take note that you have to uninstall the program first before you can re-install it. To do this, you may either remove it via the safe mode or you may utilize a program such as an automated tool to automatically remove it from your system. To use the safe mode, the first step is to reboot your PC and then follow these steps:
*Reboot your PC and press”F8″ repeatedly until the boot menu appears.
*Select “Safe Mode” from the list of options and press ENTER.
*Go to Start and then select Run, and then type “appwiz.cpl” in the open box and press ENTER.
*From among the list of programs, select ITunes and then click the “Remove” or “Uninstall” button.
*Simply follow the uninstall wizard, and restart your PC afterwards.
*Go to the Apple website and follow the instructions on how to install ITunes. Save the installer onto your hard drive first and then run the installation command.

If the above steps do not help, it is very easy to determine that the problem relies on the computer itself, that is, there must be something wrong with the Windows registry. We know that Windows registry is the place to store all vital settings and options of the operating system to ensure the proper running of the computer and all programs installed on the PC. No matter whenever you start the computer or launch a specific program, it will read through the registry database for its required files and processes. If it fails, there is no doubt that you will get kinds of computer errors just like iTunes error 1202 when its related entries have been corrupt. So, the last chance that you should do when trying to solve this player error is to run a good registry cleaner to troubleshoot and fix all errors insides registry. With a compact and error-free registry database, I can promise that you will always enjoy a pleasant computer life.

Fix the iTunes 1202 error right now and you will be able to enjoy your computer life quickly. By the way, a registry fix tool will also help to easily maintain PC performance, so why not give it a chance right now?

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  1. Author Image
    Quentin -  April 27, 2012 at 4:27 am

    I am trying to redeem some app store cards that i got for Christmas but when i click redeem in the itunes store i get error message -1202. I will follow your instructions to go now! BTW, waiting for your other helpful posts.


  2. Author Image
    Ulysses Art -  April 28, 2012 at 12:26 am

    I have had a itunes error that wont let me redeem or buy, and i have right clicked and opened it in a browser which led me to itunes again and also re- installed itunes and came up with the same results. So glad to find your post here with details to deal with this iTunes errors.


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