Install error 0X8004071b – Solve Google Chrome install error 0X8004071b quickly

Many Google Chrome users complained that they keep on receiving an annoying error code 0X8004071b in installing the application on the PC. Some have ever tried to get into safe mode and reinstalled it for several times, but same install error message appeared. So, why Google Chrome installation failed with error 0X8004071b and how can you install Google Chrome on your computer properly without errors?

Google Chrome install error 0X8004071b

In many cases, a full installation file usually works better than a small installer. For this concern, it is highly recommended that you should go for a direct download rather than a small one. If you still get an install error 0X8004071b, just go to folder Program, then Google, Update, and Download, and look for chrome_installer.exe within the folder, then run it. Most of the time, this will install Chrome on your computer properly without any error.

If you get the install error 0X8004071b in updating Google Chrome, check what you have ever installed on the PC before the update and uninstall it completely. Sometimes, a program conflict can also stop you from installing some programs/applications on the PC by showing a strange error message.

Thirdly, completely scan the computer and get rid of all existing & potential PC threats. First of all, you should bear in mind that whenever you go online to read emails, interact with friends on online social network sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, download a program or even pay bills, you come to the chance to get exposed to some dangerous threats such as spyware, key-loggers, Trojans and a host of numerous identity fraudsters. When those threats get onto the computer, they will randomly do whatever they want, for example, attack & remove system files, collect & steal your personal information, reset your online & offline settings, etc… When some files that required to install the Google Chrome were mis-removed from the PC and cannot be located properly, you will soon get an install error 0X8004071b. A thorough virus scan helps to easily detect and get rid of all potential & existing threats to the PC.

Finally, completely scan and repair registry errors. The Windows registry is probably the most important database of Windows-based operating system since it stores all significant settings and information of your operating system. This way, the computer can remember all those options and tell the system when & how to perform the computer requests properly. However, a simple error within the error can trigger the computer to slow down, perform abnormally, or lead to a computer freezing or crash … if the system cannot locate the necessary entries to install your Google Chrome, it will immediately generate an install error 0X8004071b or some other similar error messages. It is a best option for you to thoroughly scan your whole registry with a reliable registry cleaner and repair all existing errors. Then, you can both install Google Chrome and other necessary programs/applications on your computer correctly without errors.

I think an install error 0X8004071b while installing Google Chrome or other programs is quite common. But there is no need to rush to a PC repair store or contact a technician when suffering this issue. Take the above solutions and you can instantly troubleshoot and solve error code 0X8004071b the simplest way.

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    Walt -  October 10, 2013 at 2:30 pm

    I just recovered and reformatted my computer, it’s like brand new. Why won’t chrome download, doesn’t make sense. I know chrome is notorious for crashes, freezes and just plain computer glitch nonsense all the time for absolutely no reason.


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