I can’t get my computer to boot? Steps to boot up computer correctly

Strangely and annoyingly, your computer won’t fail to boot up after you push the power button on it. Sometimes, you may only see a blank screen with no Microsoft Windows logo or the manufacturer’s sign indicating that something is wrong with your computer. That is why I found many people ask “why I can’t get my computer to boot up as usual”. Just take it easy, it happens with most of us and you are not the only one. To help you troubleshoot and boot up computer correctly, here are some rather simple guides for you.

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The first and most obvious response to fix the computer boot up problem is to just restart the computer. If you are able to boot your computer successfully, that is really a positive sign. If you are not able to restart it, use the Last Known Good Configuration feature to boot up your computer. To do this, please start your computer and hold your “F8 Key” which will bring up the “Windows Advanced Options Menu”; then use the ARROW keys to select Last Known Good Configuration (your most recent settings that worked), and then press ENTER.

To prevent and fix computer startup problem, do remember to regularly scan the computer for viruses. We know that once the computer is infected by viruses, lots of system resources will be taken up, which greatly slow down the computer. What is more terrible is that it will sometimes steal users’ privacy. So to boot up computer correctly or speed up your computer, what you need to do first is to install an reliable anti-virus program on your computer, and regularly scan your computer to make sure that it is always far away from viruses.

Thirdly, disable unnecessary startup items. Too many programs load at one time will result in the lacking of system resource. That will greatly make the computer start up slow or bring in the boot up error. To boot up computer correctly, you have to go to “Start” -> Run ->use the “msconfig” common to access System Configuration Utility, and then disable the programs that do not need to automatically run at windows startup. Hence, more CPU resources and memory will be released for faster computer startup.

By the way, when asking “why I can’t get my computer to boot”, remember to check and use certified drivers maximally. Nowadays, a large amount of test drivers flood on the Internet, which increases the harder to discover the malfunction causes and results in 100% CPU occupancy. So it is suggested to use the drivers that certified by Microsoft or released by official, especially the drive for graphic card.

Last but not least, run a registry cleaner utility. When uninstalling programs from computer, it is hoped to remove not only the files, but also the related registry from the computer. However, normally there is still some unneeded information remaining in the registry. And the computer is not wise enough to know what is needed, so it will spend a lot of time reading information that means no sense, which result in slow running computer, computer boot up errors or seriously, random computer freezing-ups or crashes. So a registry cleaner is needed for you to always enjoy faster computer.

Well, a computer boot up problem is really annoying to stop you from using the computer properly. However, with the solutions here there is no need to worry about this issue and you can boot up computer correctly all the time without problems.

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    Lizbeth Glas -  September 3, 2012 at 9:09 am

    My desktop computer won’t boot up. It was working perfectly fine the last time I used it. I find your ideas helpful and will follow you to go now.


  2. Author Image
    Katharine Dow -  September 4, 2012 at 1:49 pm

    I have an old computer.aaaahhhhhh
    When I press the button to turn it on nothing happens but the green power light is on. After pressing the button many times it will suddenly come on and boot up as though nothing was the matter. I will follow your steps here to go now.


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