HTTP Error 416 – Requested Range not satisfiable

You occasionally encounter the dreaded ”HTTP Error 416 – Requested Range not satisfiable” error near the end of your download? The process has to stop and leave you with 95-99% of your incomplete download? It will be very annoying to find the download process just hangs because of a HTTP error 416 message. Fortunately, here I will show you some steps on how to go.

Requested Range not satisfiable

When getting the error 416 in downloading a process, re-try the download process again. Sometimes, it might appear due to a temporary issue on the PC and stop you from continuing the process. A re-download at most of the time can deal with such error instantly.

If the current download-request’s data has been fully downloaded, but other causes of the Operation failed, for example, the inability of the incomplete temporary file copied to the target location, you can retry this download-request. Sometimes, the starting-value (equal to the incomplete temporary file size) will lead to Requested Range not satisfiable message!

Thirdly, you should clear all cache, cookies, and browsing histories so as to download all you want correctly without any “HTTP Error 416 – Requested Range not satisfiable” error message. The more cache, cookies, and browsing histories on the computer, the more chance for you to get kinds of browser error message just like HTTP error 416 or error 504 on every page. Now, I still take Internet Explorer as an example to show you how to delete all these useless files:

*Click Tools, and select the option “Delete Browsing History….”
*Deselect “Preserve Favorites website data”, and then tick “Temporary Internet files”, “Cookies”, and “History”.
* Click Delete.

Wait a few minutes and all your cache, cookies, and browsing history will be removed completely. By the way, how long it takes always depends on how much files you have on the PC. But it won’t take a very longer time.

Fourthly, completely scan your whole PC and get rid of all computer viruses. Viruses are able to hijack any of your browsing activity to navigate you to some pages that you don’t want to, or show kinds of error message including the HTTP error 416 message. Seriously, they are capable of attacking & removing any system files like wnaspi32.dll, collecting & stealing your personal info, etc… So, you should run your computer protection program to completely scan your whole PC and get rid of all viruses inside. Remember to first update it to the latest virus definition before running the scan.

Finally, you should clean Windows Registry. Registry, acting as the main component of the Windows-based operating system, can easily become corrupted as you uninstall programs or remove files from the computer. If at this case, the browser will finally run slowly and you will come to the chance to get code 416 download error messages. Hence, it is highly recommended that you can repair Windows registry with an advanced PC tweaker because it not only lets your web browser run faster but also prevent some unexpected download HTTP error 416 messages. Besides, timely fixing the computer registry can also prevent these errors as well as improve computer performance to the top.

Retry the download again when getting the ”HTTP Error 416 – Requested Range not satisfiable” error message; and then optimize your web browser and the computer with the above steps, you can easily enjoy a pleasant computer life. By the way, you’d better start optimizing your computer right now; then all the annoying errors will leave far away from you.

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