How to get rid of Windows installer trayapp error messages?

“Error 1706. No valid source could be found for product “trayapp”. The windows installer can’t continue.”

fix trayapp error

Windows Installer may prompt you an error message to find TrayApp or TrayApp.msi when you start up the Windows or when you try to install or run programs on your computer. It will not be able to find the file TrayApp.msi, and as a result, you will soon get the Windows installer trayapp error message. Actually, this is a very common PC error and can be fixed easily with some simple ways.

However, first let’s learn together that TrayApp is an application that bundled with the HP Photosmart Digital Imaging software, and it is used to scan & print documents and photos correctly. Besides, it is also included with the installation CDs of almost all HP products to tell your PC how to install the required software and drivers. For this concern, we should not disable or remove its executable file – TrayApp.msi from the computer. Otherwise, it will bring in kinds of errors to the computer.

The Windows installer trayapp error can be corrected quickly if you know what cause the error to happen on your PC. However, no matter what causes the error, the easiest way to fix it is to insert the device’s installation CD into the drive when Windows is starting up. Then, the Windows Installer will search the CD to find and reinstall the missing file onto the system automatically. Once all the missing files that causing the trayapp error are fixed, you will be able to run your computer or your desired programs correctly without errors.

Most of the time, the Windows installer trayapp error has something with the registry on your system. We know that Windows registry is a place whether stores all information that deals with your system and its hardware and software, along with the user configuration data. No matter what task you perform on the PC, the system will go through the registry first to load the corresponding registry entries. This way, registry is regarded as the heart of the entire computer system to tell it when and how to perform every computer task correctly. However, a simple registry mistake within this database will make the computer run improperly by generating kinds of PC errors, including the trayapp error and synsoacc.dll error. So, the second thing you should do to deal with such computer error is to thoroughly scan through your registry database and get rid of all registry errors quickly.

In addition to, you’d better install all latest device drivers. A Windows installer trayapp error can occur there are outdated drivers existing on your computer. That is, any corrupted files on your system can make the computer to become unstable and lead to critical system errors. To check and install driver, you can directly follow the steps here:
*Click the ‘Start’ button
* Click ‘System and Maintenance’
*Click the ‘Device Manager’ tab.
*Locate the device driver your wish to update
*Click the ‘Driver’ tab and then ‘Update Driver’, and then follow the on-screen instructions to install the driver.

Last but not least, to deal with the computer, it is best that you can well protect your PC again malware. Malware like viruses, spyware are able to attack and remove any file from the computer. When some files are mis-deleted and cannot be loaded correctly by the TrayApp, you can come to the chance to get a Windows installer trayapp error. So, no matter you are infected right now or not, it is highly advised that you can download and run a powerful antivirus antispyware program to realtime protect your PC at any time.

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  1. Author Image
    Dolores Reese -  April 26, 2012 at 9:00 am

    It is ssomething connected with Windows Installer and every time I load windows I have a persistent error message telling me that trayapp.msi can’t be found, and after I have clicked cancel several times, I then get one about marketresearch.msi being missing. I have tried uninstalling all my hp products (usual culprit apparently) but to no avail. Its driving me mad, but you really help me deal with the problem quickly.


  2. Author Image
    Hedwig Craft -  April 27, 2012 at 11:59 pm

    I’ve tried a number of different ways to get this to disappear. The first method I used was to uninstall my HP printer and reinstall it. However that method didnt work and then I tried to uninstall any programs associated with the error message such as HP Image Zone, and HP Digital Imaging Moniter. That also didnt work and then I ended up trying to restore my computer to before the incident and the error message still comes back. I think I will fix the registry error as you said here soon.


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