How to fix Windows XP RunDLL error within minutes?

Are you getting the infamous RunDLL error messages again and again in the computer screen? Do you get pop up randomly saying something like specified module could not be found or the application failed to initialize properly while you are starting up the computer or launch some certained programs? If so, there is no doubt that your computer has been the victim of the RunDLL error. Take it easy and this article will show you what the Windows XP RunDLL error means and most importantly how to fix it.

fix RunDLL error

Most of the time, the Windows XP RunDLL error message happens when something goes wrong with the RunDll.exe file on your computer. This is a file that directly related to your the Dll files in your computer and windows registry. Typically, the Windows rely on the RunDll files to load many programs correctly. This means if this file is missing or corrupted, some applications using that file cannot be loaded together with frequent appearance of RunDll error messages. The common reasons behind this error is often due to drive errors, buggy software, Spyware & viruses infections or registry errors.

As what you can learn from the above discussion, the majority of the RunDLL error messages will pop up your Windows XP computer because of malware such as virus, spyware, and Trojans, etc. They can easily get onto your computer when you are scheming websites, downloading a freeware application, or opening spam emails. For instance, files like combofix.exe and explorer.exe are runnvery easy to cause some errors when they are attacked by some viruses. To ensure the smooth running of your Windows XP computer without a RunDLL error message, you should download and run a professional antivirus antispyware program regularly to detect and remove all infections.

If you recently removed a program and then get the Windows XP RunDLL error message, it might have fragments lingering on your machine causing this problem. A bad uninstallation can also bring in the appearance of this annoying error messages. Just visit the Control Panel and select Add or Remove Programs to check and make sure all components of the program were removed from the PC. Also, if the RunDLL error message appears after installing a program, directly uninstall it so as to fix this compuyer error.

Sometimes, an Windows XP RunDLL error message appears when a file is missing or corrupted. If the two above steps do not solve the problem for you, then Insert the Windows installation CD disk to your DVD disk; and then click Start and go to Run; enter “expand x:i386rundll32.exe_c:windowssystem32 rundll32.exe” and press Enter; restart your computer when you finishes these steps. This simple step can instantly re-register the rundll32.exe on your computer and make the PC run without problems.

Then, you should do a registry clean up of your Windows registry. Registry is the play that the Windows stores the vital setting and information of the whole system to tell when and how to perform every PC request correctly. All information ranging from hardware to software are all distributed in the registry before it can be available for accessing. If something goes wrong with the rundll.exe file, you will come to the chance to get the Windows XP RunDLL error messages. At this time, you should run an excellent registry cleaner just like RegCure Pro to completely scan your whole PC and get rid of all inside registry errors. This software will help to clean the clutter of your Windows registry as well as fix the damaged and corrupted files along the way.

It is important that you should fix the Windows XP RunDLL error as quickly as you can so as to maintain the stable running of the computer. Before it brings in more serious problems to your computer, follow the above steps now. I am sure you will be always enjoy a computer without errors all the time.

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  1. Author Image
    Jennifer Assy -  September 4, 2012 at 3:32 pm

    For the last few days, I’ve been having issues with my PC running Windows XP. Often, when the computer starts up, I can’t click any of the desktop icons. Then, after I restart the computer, it comes up with a bunch of error messages, saying “Windows has recovered from a serious error” and “error loading RUNDLL.”

    My antivirus is up to date, and it’s been scanning and updating properly. I just upgraded to the newest version of Avira. Maybe I should fix the registry errors as you said here.


  2. Author Image
    Raleigh Molly -  September 5, 2012 at 6:48 pm

    Recently upon start up I am receiving an error.

    Error Loading C:\Documents and Settings\Compaq_Administrator\Local Settings\Application Data\AIM\Adobe\njmoebgu.dll

    Since we no longer use AIM on this computer and it was uninstalled months ago I went ahead and found where this file was and removed it. However I am still getting this error.

    I don;t know you helped me or not, but after trying your post, the error was gone immediately.


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