How to fix slow Windows Vista? Get Vista to run faster immediately

Are you using Windows Vista but suffering from a slow computer speed? Do you want to get Vista run faster immediately? Well, just like a human being, the Windows Vista computer has to be well taken care of so as to run smoothly all the time. If you have ever performed any PC maintenance actions, it is no doubt for you to face with a slow Windows Vista. Here, I would like to introduce you some simply ways to make Vista computer run faster.

get Vista to run faster

To get Vista run faster, you have to bear in mind that once you have encountered rogue antispyware program on your computer, you should uninstall it totally as soon as possible. This is because it not only specifically lures you to pay for its upgraded version, but also exploits your system resources to silently collect private or confidential files for commercial purposes. To completely remove rogue antispyware program, you may consider enabling an ultra- powerful spyware removal tool on the system instead of uninstalling it with the Windows Add/Remove application. To fully uninstall and remove a rogue antispyware program, you should remove the associated hidden components, including registry keys, program files, unregistered .dll files and processes. The Windows Add/Remove application often fails to successfully solve the problem.

After making sure the computer is totally spyware, virus clean, disable unneeded Visual Effects. The Visual Effects utility is designed for better system performance. Some of the undesirable options seem to have the power to drastically slow down the system performance. Once noticing a slow Windows Vista speed, you may need to disable some Visual Effects options for system tune- up.

Also, to get Windows Vista to run faster, you’d better cut down on the amount of programs running in the background. You can use MsConfig to do this or simple install software that will identify programs secretly running in the background and eating up loads of virtual memory.

By the way, you’d better uninstall some unneeded programs/applications from the computer. This helps to release some available disk space as well as make computer run faster. To uninstall common programs from your computer, you may consider applying two methods:

  • From All Program List: Start > ALL Programs/Program Files > Scroll to the Program > find out the uninstall utility of the program and then enable it
  • From Windows Add/Remove app: Go to Start –> Settings –> Control Panel –> double-click Programs & Features to locate the unneeded programs and click Uninstall to uninstall them immediately.

By the way, if you are suffering some Windows installer errors during a program uninstallation, you can visit this post.

After the above steps, defragment computer hard disk regularly. Lots of computer users have never run a disk defragmentation during the lifetime of the computer, thinking that it means nothing to the get Windows Vista to run faster. But it is a true fact that, a simple disk defragment plays a very important role in fixing computer problems as this process helps to reassemble all parts of a same content to make them stay close together. In this way, it helps to reduce the movement of the hard disk head and speed up the data access effectively. So if wanting to optimize computer performance and make your Vista run much faster, do not ignore to run the Windows built-in Disk Defragmenter utility regularly!

The final and the most important factor for slow Windows Vista has something to do with the registry. Registry is the database that used to store settings and information for hardware, operating system software, and non-operating system software. The settings and information that packed in registry keys are really vital to the Windows operating system to perform every hardware/software correctly. That is to say, the Windows system needs to access the key value before allotting proper resources to programs. When something goes missing, broken or corrupted, it will fail for the system to perform the order well as stop responding. Hence, you should clean up Windows registry regularly to get rid of all existing and potential errors. This will get Windows Vista run much faster at top performance without problems.

Still feel hard to get Vista run faster? I highly suggest you to use the best registry fix tool here to optimize your computer on regular basic. It may check and deal with all errors on the computer that cause a slow Windows vista running speed immediately.

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