How to fix Shockwave Flash Player has crashed in Google Chrome?

A sudden “Shockwave Flash has crashed” error message is faced by a great number of computer users. Typically, such an error message usually happens when the browser is trying to play some multimedia contents and stops you from viewing the contents properly. Even though this error occurs in almost all web browsers, a Google Chrome Shockwave Flash crash is more common. Here, I will take my own experience as an example to show you how to fix “Shockwave Flash has crashed” error in Google Chrome.

Shockwave Flash crashes

In many cases, a “Shockwave Flash has crashed” error message will appear when there is a problem with Shockwave’s integrated version. To deal with such a problem, follow these steps to disable integrated Shockwave Flash Player:

* Open Google Chrome.
* Type ‘about: plugins’ in the Address Bar and press ENTER to go.
* Scroll down to get Flash plugin and expand its list by clicking + Details icon at the right hand side.
* Then, you will get a list of Flash versions installed on your computer- Integrated version and standalone version.
* Here, do remember to keep your standalone version enabled and disable the integrated version. Note: The integrated version might have a path similar to this: …\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application.
* Close Google Chrome. Then, try playing the multimedia contents again to see whether the “Shockwave Flash has crashed” error message has been gone or not.

It the above solution does not work, it means there is something wrong with the Shockwave Flash installed in your browser as an extension/plugin. At this time, it is highly advised that you can disable/remove it temporarily from your browser. Simply go to the settings/extension or plugins option to do this. Also, you can try to remove it from the Add/Remove feature from the Control Panel.

By the way, you’d better instantly update your web browser to the latest version which may include a fix to for the constant “Shockwave Flash has crashed” error message. Google officials said that we will release some updates regularly to timely check and fix some errors like Google Chrome installer error as well as this Google Chrome Shockwave Flash Player crashes within the browser so as to make it the most advanced one. It is best that you can check and update your web browser when available.

Finally, to totally get rid of “Shockwave Flash has crashed” error message, you still need to check and repair computer registry errors. Why it is so important is that the Windows registry is a very important aspect of Windows-based operating system. And all the vital settings & information of your hardware & software are all stored here to the computer when and how to do when your computer sends out a request. This way, no matter whenever you install a program, it will automatically add the corresponding entries to this database. However, when something goes wrong to this database, the computer and the installed programs will act abnormally by showing kinds of computer error messages, or even stop working. If the web browser cannot locate the required entries to display your desired page correctly, you will soon get a “Shockwave Flash has crashed” error message or some other messages when accessing the web pages. However, after fixing the registry errors you can immediately get rid of these errors and make the computer & all installed programs work properly without errors.

To sum, a “Shockwave Flash has crashed” error message can be caused commonly on Google Chrome and stops you from viewing some multimedia contents as expected. But one of the above solutions will instantly troubleshoot the issue and fix it immediately for you.

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