How to fix a BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER error?

When using some devices on the computer just like USB audio/midi interface, a Webcam or just attempting to sync a Nokia N8 to Outlook 2007, some users will suddenly get a blue screen marked with the BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER error. Most of the time, it occurs without notice, even if you are not working with some programs. Basically, the solution to the blue screen is to restart the computer; however, this is only a temporary method and cannot get rid of the blue screen errors permanently. If you are in search for a better way to fix BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER error, keep on reading and you will get some useful tips.

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After restarting the computer, you should update to all available Windows service packs and other updates. We know that Microsoft regularly releases patches and service packs for their operating systems. Also, you need to check and install all latest device drivers. Most of the time, a simple update will contain the fix to your BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER Blue Screen error.

Secondly, it is highly advised that you can run a thorough virus scan to detect and remove all threats from the computer. Viruses are notoriously known for eating up computer resources or removing system cord files. Once there is not enough RAM for the computer to load the system or some programs; or when the computer fail to recall some needed files at system or program starts, the annoying blue screen error with BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER message happen. If you have not scanned for your computer for a very longer time, do it now. But it is better that you can let your antivirus antispyware programs running in the background to realtime block and remove PC threats.

Thirdly, you’d better cut unneeded startup items. The more items the computer has to load at system starts, the more chances you will encounter the blue screen errors because of little ram. So the first step that you need to do when trying to eliminate the BSOD error codes is to click on Start -> Run -> type “msconfig” in the box and press Enter to continue. After running the system configuration utility, you can easily disable the unneeded startup items within “Startup” tab and then unwanted services under “Services” tab. By cutting off these options, you can at least 30% speed up your computer and prevent blue screen errors effectively.

Finally, check and fix Windows registry errors. We all know that Windows registry is the central database for the Windows system, where vital files, settings & options are saved. With the help of this database, the system can run as smoothly and properly as possible. But, it is also a big problem to the computer. No matter which Windows system & software you are running, it uses the registry each time; hence it is very easy for this database to get damaged – making your system cannot run the processes it needs or use the files it requires properly. If you have no luck to fix BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER error with the three above steps, it’s strongly advised that you scan and clean out all registry errors by using a registry cleaner tool to make sure that all the parts of Windows registry are working 100% correctly. And it is very easy for you to download such kind of product from the Internet easily.

In a word, to get rid of BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER error, you should work hard from these aspects:
*Cut down some unnecessary startup items to free up more available system resource;
* Uninstall all unwanted programs and clean up the system junk files to release hard disk space;
* Periodically run a disk defragmentation job to speed up data access;
* Regularly remove useless/leftover registry entries and repair registry errors.
* Well protect your computer against viruses/spyware programs.

Thanks for reading and wish you enjoy my article!

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  1. Author Image
    Pansy Elizath -  June 12, 2012 at 8:06 pm

    my laptop has 3 usb ports that, i use 2 at a time mostly , 1 to a pvr and the other to my wireless dongle.Every once in a while i would get the blue screen saying bugcode_usb_driver, then it performs a memory dump and i have to restart my laptop. Took all your solutions here and now I was able to run the computer without the annoying BSOD error messages.


  2. Author Image
    Agrippina Dinna -  June 13, 2012 at 10:35 am

    I will randomly get BSOD’s. The message mentions a
    USB_BUGCODE driver or something like that. I wrote it
    down, but lost it. It was either USB_BUGCODE or
    BUGCODE_USB. I searched my harddisk and there appears to
    be no such file. Fixed the computer registry as you said and now the PC ran correctly without problems.


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