How can I fix error code: ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE?

The server closed the connection without sending any data.”

chrome error code

When trying to connect a webpage from Google Chrome, some users might annoyingly get the above ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE error message. However, the page works file from some other PC or a VM running in the computer. How frustrating! Well, there might be some problems with the network setting or your computer itself.

Sometimes, an error code ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE might appear due to a temporary error on the computer. So, the first thing you should do is to reload the page again or for many times to see whether it was fixed.

If a reload does not work, update your Chrome web browser to the latest version which may include a fix to for the ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE error. Google officials said that we will release some updates regularly to timely check and fix some errors within the browser so as to make it the most advanced one. It is best that you can check and update your web browser when available.

Thirdly, make sure the computer is totally clean from viruses. There are many nasty viruses floating around in cyberspace these days, and they can get onto the computer secretly without your knowledge. That is to say, you may get infected when visiting a page, downloading a file, opening a strange email attachment, or even chatting in a live chatroom. Once get onto your computer, those viruses will randomly change your web browser settings, add entries to your favorite, track and collect your Internet activities, collect & steal your personal information (eg, online & offline password, bank account information)… When your web browser is hijacked, you may soon get a ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE error message when trying to access some pages. Besides, running an antivirus antispyware program also helps to prevent and fix some other errors such as low on memory error.

Finally, you should fix registry errors. We know that with the regular use, the registry size will keep increasing and when it becomes very large, your system come to work sluggishly. Severely, due to virus attacks and program uninstallation, it is very easy for this database to get corrupted and full with some unneeded entries. When the ones that needed to display your browsing pages have been broken, an error code: ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE will happen. To get back your enjoyable computer experience, you should clean up registry errors regularly. However, as many computer users claim, manual attempt to fix registry errors can cause some dangerous risks both to the computer & some programs installed on the PC. It is, therefore, suggested to utilize automatic registry cleaner software to fix registry problems for you.

Is it driving you NUTS to receive an error code: ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE in visiting all pages? Just check your web browser and your computer right now; you will soon deal with all errors causing this web browser problem on your machine soon.

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