Google Chrome Aw Snap error – What causes it and how to solve this Google Chrome error?

When trying to view a page with the Google Chrome, some users will annoyingly get an “Aw, Snap!” error message. Sometimes, even though they have reloaded the page a few minutes later, same error message appears. Besides stopping you from viewing the desired content, this AW Snap error can also slow down your browsing. If you are facing with this error right now, follow me and you will soon learn what causes it & how to fix this Google Chrome error effectively.

Google Chrome error

If the WebPages crash unexpectedly by showing you an AW Snap error message, simply reload the page one or two minutes later. If you’re seeing the “Aw, Snap!” message for every page that you are visiting, follow the steps below:

First of all, you should check your antivirus programs. Some anti-virus or firewall applications can stop the Google Chrome from working properly. You can temporarily disable them before loading the page to test whether they are the causes of the AW Snap error message or not. If you are able to open the browser correctly, you’d better create an exception in your anti-virus or firewall settings for Google Chrome. However, do remember to make all these applications up to date. After doing this, simple re-enable the applications. By the way, to prevent the frequent appearance of AW Snap error message, you still have to make sure that the computer is always virus clean without some risky threats.

Secondly, you need to check the extensions on your computer as some will stop you from visiting some pages correctly to cause this error or some other errors like Google Chrome install fail error. You can disable them one by one to make sure which one is causing the problem on your computer. To do this, just follow these steps:

*Click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar.
* Select Tools and then Extensions.
* Then a page will happen, here you should click Disable for the extension you’d like to temporarily remove and reload the page once you have disabled it to see whether the AW Snap error message has gone or not.
* Once you have found the one that causes the problem, you can go back and re-enable the required ones.

Thirdly, you can directly create a new browser user profile trying to solve the AW Snap error. When the one on your PC is corrupted, unexpected error messages will happen when you are trying to view some pages. Here are simple instructions you can follow to replace the broken browser user profile:

*Quit your running Google Chrome immediately.
*Go to Start menu > Run.
*Enter one of the following directories in the text field and press Enter to go:
->Windows XP: %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\
->Windows Vista/ Windows 7: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\
*In the opening directory window, locate the folder named “Default” and rename it to “Backup default” or something else you like.
*Restart your Google Chrome and a new “Default” folder will be automatically created.

If you have performed all the above steps, but still get the AW Snap error message in visiting some pages, you should spend several minutes in checking & fixing registry errors. Windows registry is the central database of every Windows-based operating system to keep all the configuration settings and options for the hardware & installed software. Helpful though it is, it is very sensitive towards all kinds of infections and attacks. Also, some incomplete programs install & uninstall process, can also make this database to get corrupted. If at this time, you may fail to use the computer correctly or smoothly. Once the Google Chrome cannot locate the required entries to load your visiting page, you will come to the chance to get an AW Snap error message. So, the final thing you should do is to download and run a professional registry cleaner to completely scan the whole PC & get rid of all error inside. Generally, an error-free registry database is the first assurance to ensure a pleasant PC life.

In a word, it is a need for us to run a web browser to surf the web page every day either for our work or study. If you are troubled with a Google Chrome AW Snap error message, follow the above steps right now and you will soon view all your desired contents correctly.

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  1. Author Image
    Ileana Mery -  October 26, 2012 at 10:02 pm

    Both the google chrome beta and latest chromium build give me an “aw, snap” error with every page. I can’t even access locally stored pages. It worked just fine the other day. But today, it didn’t. After fixing the registry as you said here and now the problem was resolved immediately.


  2. Author Image
    Ursula Bald -  October 27, 2012 at 11:42 pm

    I keep getting the “aw snap” error . i doesn’t happen immediately but after some time. i was taking a personality test. it was just going to be finished and error appeared. then i reloaded it and the homepage of the test appeared. it took me almost 15 min to take the test again. So wonderful post to tell me how to solve the problem…lol…


  3. Author Image
    shabna rasheed -  November 19, 2012 at 8:20 am

    it also helpd me..thnk u alot…..


  4. Author Image
    jimmy c p -  February 12, 2013 at 9:38 pm

    dont send me usless pages local erraor pages


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