Gfxui.exe Error Fix – Best Way to Fix Gfxui.exe Error in Windows

Do you want to fix Gfxui.exe error instantly? Gfxui.exe error is one of the most common system errors in windows 7, which is usually caused by registry issues and drivers. Gfxui.exe is the control panel for the Intel GMA graphics chipset, from Intel Corporation.

Common Gfxui.exe error messages
1. GfxUI.exe Configuration parser error
Error Parsing
Parser returned error 0x80070005
2. Gfxui.exe error: you can make it stop by RCing on the .exe file win system32 and setting it to compatibility mode for 95
3. Gfxui.exe was not found

Why it is urgent to fix Gfxui.exe error?
All system errors are extremely annoying when they pop up constantly and force some programs to shut down. Gfxui.exe error is not only annoying but also dangerous in that
* Gfxui.exe error could cause system update failure
* Gfxui.exe error could lead to Blue Screen of Death error
* Gfxui.exe error makes web browser crash down and disable driver updates
* Gfxui.exe error could mess up windows registry

Once you get the error, you should take action to fix it without delay.

How to fix Gfxui.exe error instantly
If you are an experienced computer user, you have a chance to fix the problem in manual way.

1. Manual way to fix Gfxui.exe error
Log in your computer as an Administrator in order to prevent possible security issues when using created local user account. Go to the \%root%\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727 directory. RC the \Config directory, right-click it and select Properties. Under the Security tab click the Advanced button. Change ownership from ‘Trusted Installer’ to the default Administrator account. Go back to Security tab and click Edit. Change permissions for Administrators group to ‘Read & Execute’.

2. Guarantee way to fix Gfxui.exe error
The manual fix way is not to fix Gfxui.exe error, the other problem caused by the error may still remain in your computer. Furthermore, even an expert will not adopt the time-consuming method while they know something easier to fix Gfxui.exe error. It is what we highly recommend to you here – PC Advanced Tweaker.
Step1. Download PC Advanced Tweaker here
Step2. Install it to your hard drive
Step3. Click scan button to troubleshot system problem
Step4. Click repair button to fix Gfxui.exe error and other system error

It is also recommended to run the powerful Gfxui.exe error fixer once a day in order to optimize your computer to its best performance and also effectively prevent other system errors like Windows 1079 error and Nyxlauncher.exe error.

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