Fat32 disk error – How to fix a fat32 disk error?

While booting up the computer, have you ever received this error message: “error on C drive fat32: Need to check for consistency”? Lots of PC users report that they get this fat32 disk error message and even though they did as what suggested to run a check up, it still appears while restarting the computer. Even if they are lucky to boot the PC successfully, the Windows acts crappy because it will freeze a lot and be unresponsive and slow. Don’t ignore this disk error and you have to fix it immediately before it brings more serious errors to your computer.

fix fat32 disk error

To deal with the fat32 disk error, the first thing you should do is to run a disk cleanup. If you have Windows, open My Computer & right click on the hard drive icon for drive C: and click Properties; in the window that comes up, left click on Tools and then on the next window left click on the box that says Check Now under Error checking; within the next window make sure the box saying Automatically fix errors is checked and then click on OK to thoroughly scan through your whole disk for potential errors. If the disk error was caused by some corrupted files on your disk, a simple disk cleanup job will deal with the error quickly. If not, you may keep on reading for other solutions.

Sometimes, you can disable System Failure, Automatic Restart in W2K and see what happens. In many cases, this also helps to fix the fat32 disk error on the computer. To do this, just go to Control Panel > system > advanced settings > startup and recovery to uncheck the automatically reboot selection.

Recently, virus attack is a universal problem faced by millions of PC users around the world and it is very easy for PC users to get infected even though the compute is only used for daily computer life. When the virus gets onto the computer, it will do as what it wants just like remove any file from the computer. If some essential computer files are removed and cannot be recalled by the computer correctly, then you will come to the chance to get a fat32 disk error and other PC errors like Iastor Sys Error. If you find your system infected with virus, it is highly recommended to use an antivirus program to delete it as quickly as you can. Besides, you’d better let your antivirus program running in the background to realtime block & remove any potential threats to the PC.

However, the easiest and fastest way to solve this fat32 disk error is to run a registry cleaner software. The Windows registry database stores all information about the software, drivers, applications and games that are installed on your computer. And as time goes, it can get bad easily as some obsolete entries are not deleted and can lead to what they call the “errors”. Such errors will not only slow down computer running speed, but also bring in kinds of computer errors. To address it, it is highly recommended that you can use a registry tool like RegCure Pro to do the job for you. Registry cleaners work by scanning each file and then checking to see if it’s corrupt or causing problems; if so, it will replace or fix the file for you automatically to make your computer run without errors. Once the files related to the hard disk were fixed, the fat32 disk error will be fixed, too.

If you are not very good at handling the Windows registry or not familiar with the computing, you can directly get help by CLICKING HERE. It will help you fix fat32 disk error and all other PC errors within clicks.

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  1. Author Image
    Lossie Tracy -  April 27, 2012 at 7:53 pm

    I have a brand new copy of Windows XP Professional with SP2 so that shouldn’t be a problem..

    Well, I get all the way to windows being installed and it restarting, but once it restarts it says “Press any key to boot from CD” then four seconds later “Disk error, press any key to restart.” Obviously any key doesn’t work.I think you will help me as you are a so great writer!


  2. Author Image
    Frances Kate -  April 28, 2012 at 12:51 am

    When booting my acer laptop I get a message that says – error on C drive fat32: Need to check for consistency – then it runs a check up and then just starts windows. Very glad to come to your post here with details to solve the disk error…


  3. Author Image
    kerry -  August 8, 2012 at 1:18 am

    i have 2 laptops that have this error messege and i can get them to stay on long enough to do anything, i need to get my documents off them but when they turn on it comes up with this error messege error on C drive fat32: then turns off, every time. what can i do?


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