Failed to get proc address for GetLogicalProcessorInformation(KERNEL32.dll)

Whenever trying to run Skype or boot up the computer, some users will annoyingly get a message saying that: “Fatal Error: Failed to get proc address for GetLogicalProcessorInformation (KERNEL32.dll)”; and then failed to complete the PC tasks successfully. No matter you are an advanced PC user or a newbie, this can greatly bring in an unpleasant experience. Don’t be so upset when coming to this post as I will show you solutions to deal with this computer error immediately.

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Most likely the “Failed to get proc address for GetLogicalProcessorInformation (KERNEL32.dll)” error message usually appears when your SP3 installation was not successful. This is because the GetLogicalProcessorInformation was first introduced in Windows XP with Service Pack 3 (SP3) and was not present on older Windows XP installations. So, if you are using some other version of Windows XP version on your PC rather than the Service Pack 3, grade it to this version when getting the error message.

If you have been already running the Windows XP SP3, try downloading and installing the latest version of Skype on your computer. Sometimes, an incompatible version of Skype is the main cause of this error message.

After the above steps, you have to make sure that you computer is well protected against viruses. We know that hard disk has been the main object of computer virus as it is used to store almost all files on the computer. Once the disk has been attacked, some files like wininet.dll will be loss and hard disk space will be eaten up, causing the “Failed to get proc address for GetLogicalProcessorInformation (KERNEL32.dll)” error message at PC startup or when trying to run the Skype program. Run a powerful anti-virus program to detect and remove all these threats from your computer immediately. By the way, it is highly suggested that you should always let such computer protection tool running in the background to realtime protect your PC and personal information.

Finally, a simple error within the computer registry database can also bring in the unexpected happening of “Failed to get proc address for GetLogicalProcessorInformation (KERNEL32.dll)”. No matter whenever you install or add a program /application to the PC, it will automatically write some entries to this database to tell the system when & how to perform it correctly. But as the frequent program install /uninstall, more and more useless entries will be left over here, stopping the system from reading the required entries properly. When the system cannot find the entries to load the services smoothly or quickly, an error code will soon display. It is highly recommended that you can check and repair computer registry regularly, at least once a week.

Directly follow the above solutions right now, and you can instantly get rid of the “Failed to get proc address for GetLogicalProcessorInformation (KERNEL32.dll)” error message. Thus, you can enjoy the computer and the Skype application happily. However, to stop it from appearing permanently, you’d better maintain your computer regularly in daily life, detecting & repairing existing & potential errors at the first time.

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