Failed to find steam – How to fix “failed to find steam” error quickly?

When trying to play some games just like Dex Ex: Game of the Year Edition on Steam, some players will keep on getting an error indicating “failed to find steam” whenever they click on the Play button. Actually, this error usually happens due to the fact that the game makes incorrect assumptions about the location of Steam. It will be much annoying that the “Computer freezes while gaming” problem. But take it easy and now I will show you instructions on how to fix “failed to find steam” error quickly.

fix game error

If you have some knowledge about the computer, correctly follow the steps here to fix the game error by yourself. However, it is best that you can first back up your whole system before; hence, you can instantly get back the computer when something goes wrong:

1: Right-click on “Computer” (in XP it was called “My Computer”) and click on Properties.
2: in Vista / 7, on the left click on “Advanced System Settings”. On XP, Google search for how to change your system path, because I can’t quite remember where things were in XP.
3: In the Advanced tab, you’ll see a button for “Environment Variables”. Click it.
4: In the upper section of that new window, you should see something like “User Variables for [your username]”. Scroll through to find the one called “PATH”.
5: Highlight the entry for “PATH” and click “Edit…”
6: You’ll get a too-small text box that has a field on the top for “Variable Name” and a field under it for “Variable Value”. Put your cursor into the “Variable Value” field and hit the [End] key so you know you’re not inserting text in the middle of another entry. If you push the right arrow key it should not scroll.
7: Add a semicolon [;] to separate your new entry from the others. This is the key to the right of the ‘L’ key, without pressing Shift.
Correct -> ;
Incorrect -> :
8: Paste in the path to Steam just like C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam
9: Press OK, and re-launch Steam to get the new environment variables.
10. Then you will be able to run the Steam correctly without problems.

Also, when you get the “failed to find steam” error message, you can try to uninstall the game without hesitation from Add/Remove Programs and then reinstall it on the PC. Besides, to prevent the game errors, you’d better uninstall the useless programs, remove the unneeded files completely, which followed with a disk defragment or Windows registry repair process. This helps to not only free up more available disk space, but also keep the hard disk clean or being accessed easily. This way, there won’t be some errors just like “failed to find steam” any more.

Before reinstalling the game, you’d better make sure that the Windows Installer service is not disabled on your PC. You can check this by following the below steps:
* Click Start and type service.msc in the Search box; press Enter to continue.
* When the Services window opens, right-click on ‘Windows Installer’ service, then click ‘Start’. The service needs to set to “Start” so as to install applications on your PC without any errors.
* Now try to install or uninstall the program again. If the error persists, try the next fix.

The last thing you should do is to fix Windows registry errors. The Windows registry is a special-purpose database used to store records of state-changing events like those performed through the Control Panel. The configurations of a setting, the addition/removal of a program, are examples of events that get stored in the registry. However, as you uninstall programs or remove files from the computer, it is very easy for this database to get corrupted or broken. When the system cannot recall the required keys to start some programs correctly, you will no doubt get a “failed to find steam” error message. Simply fix the Windows registry with a trusted freeware registry cleaning tool will help you get rid of all these error messages. By the way, right now it is very easy for you to download some reliable registry repair tool from the web.

Well, if you want to enhance PC performance and play all your desired games correctly all the time, run an advanced computer tweaker at a regular basic to check and fix all existing/ potential PC errors. I believe in this way you can enjoy the computer ever day.

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  1. Author Image
    Zandra Fry -  July 17, 2012 at 4:14 pm

    i have a mod for rome total war called napoleonic total war 2, and whenever i try to run it, it says “failed to find steam”. i tried evrything that steam support told me but it still didnt work. So surprised to see that the problem was fixed instantly after fixing the computer registry.


  2. Author Image
    Quinn Jason -  July 18, 2012 at 3:33 pm

    hi i installed half life 2 ep2 and when i try to open it it pops up an error saying: CFileSystem_Steam::Init() failed: failed to find steam interface. Wonderful post to tell me how to fix teh problem on my own.


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