Event 315 with error 2114 fix – Troubleshoot & fix event 315 with error 2114 at PC startup

It is quite common for the users to get an event 315 with error 2114 while starting up the PC. Typically, the error message states: “The print spooler failed to share printer HP Photosmart C7200 series BT with shared resource name HP Photosmart C7200 series. Error 2114. The printer cannot be used by others on the network”. Though at this time, both the computer and the printer are working properly, the problem is that this error message appears again and again at PC startup. This can be annoying but I found many users do not know how to do. Just stop worrying and follow the solutions here. Then, you will get solutions to troubleshoot and fix event 315 with error 2114 at PC startup easily.

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Most of the time, this error just happens when the spooler just uses the Server Service for sharing the printers. If the server service has not fully initialized when the spooler initializes and wants to share the printers, the error will be logged message will be generated. To deal with the event 315 with error 2114 at PC startup, first you have to check the server service and make sure there are no dependent services that have been changed from default settings.

Besides, you have to make sure that the printer driver is updated to the latest version. A driver is a type of program that helps to establish a relationship between a printer, memory stick, keyboard, etc., and the software that controls it. Only in this way, can the computer start up properly without an annoying event 315 with error 2114 message. Thus, the second thing you should do right now is to completely detect and update the printer driver to the latest version. You can do this by running a computer driver update tool. Such a tool will not just track down your desired driver(s) -, it also recommends you some available drivers to your sound card, windows and webcam driver, and others. By the way, it is also recommended that you can download and install all available Windows update services. They sometimes contain a fix for the annoying PC startup event 315 with error 2114 message.

After the above steps, you need to verify that the computer is totally virus free. A computer virus can download itself secretly to a computer without the owner/user’s knowledge. What is more, they are able to copy themselves and cause serious files & operating system damages to the PC. If any system required files like d3dx9_43.dll are mis-removed from the PC, the computer won’t boot up correctly and show an event 315 with error 2114 message. Do remember to download and run a powerful antivirus antispyware program on your computer and let it running in the background to block any PC threat.

Finally, you should check and fix computer registry errors. Registry is the place where stores all the data on your PC to run the computer and the programs correctly. With the daily use of your computer, lots of data will be stored into the registry, making it disordered and larger & larger. However, with the growth of the registry, some errors will come to this database, greatly affecting the proper running of the PC. If the system cannot locate its required entries to start up the PC or launch your certain programs correctly, an event 315 with error 2114 message will happen. But you are so lucky to solve all errors inside the registry database with a registry cleaning tool. It completely scans the whole PC and gets rid of all errors existing within your registry database completely.

Want to run the computer properly all the time without event 315 with error 2114 message at startup? Yeah, I think this is the hope of every computer user. Trust me, you can get this job finished easily within clicks if follow the above steps!

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