Error F3-F100-0004 – Simply fix error F3-F100-0004 instantly

Sometimes on starting up the computer, you will receive the following error message:

An error has occurred.
ERROR: F3-F100-0004
An error has occurred.
Please press [OK] to turn off the computer.”

fix error F3-F100-0004

What is more serious is that this error F3-F100-0004 can happen on a brand new computer and cause it to run improperly. But is there any way to solve it soon by yourself?

Typically, the error indicates that there is physical damage on the hard drive. To solve it, make sure there is no hard disk error. It is a fact that a lot of disk errors and crash are unavoidable, if you do not maintain the hard drive regularly. Unfortunately, up to 90% computer users are not aware of the importance of regularly maintaining the computer hard disk before the computer suffers from kinds of errors. When there is something wrong with the hard disk and it is impossible for the system to read its required files, you will come to the chance to get an error F3-F100-0004 message. Regularly fix the hard disk helps to avoid & fix some common computer errors. To do this, you should work from these aspects:

* Delete junk files and temporary files.
* Run Disk Error Checking utility regularly.
* Defragment disk regularly.
* Uninstall the unneeded programs

By the way, it is suggested that you can take some regular hardware maintenance jobs, that is, you have to do some jobs like cleaning dust. After being used for a long time, the computer may get dusty inside for the fan that pulls hot air outsides are always pulling in air, which laden with tiny particles of dust. When these particles cling to electronics, they act like a blanket to hold in heat. And the dusts always stay at the biggest heat producers like CPU, heatsink, and video card. So a cleaning dust is necessary regularly in order to maintain the PC performance and prevent errors just like error F3-F100-0004. If possible, please keep the area around your computer as dust-free as possible.

Thirdly, virus infection is one major cause for the random computer error F3-F100-0004 messages. Viruses are able to attack and remove any system file from the PC, making the PC to run improperly with kinds of errors including ccc.exe errors or unexpected error code 80150101. Do remember to download and install an advanced antivirus antispyware program to thoroughly scan & remove all PC threats from the computer.

Last but not least, you should fix Windows registry errors. The registry database is a central storage for all important files and settings on your PC. Basically, no matter whenever you launch the computer, it needs to recall a large number of files and settings in this database to make your computer run smoothly and properly. Hence, the registry has been regarded as a central part of Windows since Windows 98, but it’s one of the major reasons why your computer keeps showing an error F3-F100-0004. To fix this problem and make your computer run smoothly all the time, you should use a professional registry cleaner to scan through your registry and fix any damaged settings or files inside it. By the way, registry cleaners are very easy-to-use program that mostly well designed to scan through your system and allow it to quickly find and fix any number of issues inside your system. They will help to always maintain stable PC running all the time.

Aside from taking the above solutions, adding extra memory space to your system could also be beneficial in solving error F3-F100-0004 as it enables your system to run more smoothly. Sincerely hope all the above solutions help you to always run an error-free computer.

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    Zapata Apis -  July 11, 2012 at 11:48 am

    I have a Toshiba Satellite L455D that is about a year and a half old. I tried to restore it before to the factory settings but now I keep getting this error message: An error has occurred. ERROR: F3-F100-0004 Please press [OK] to turn off the computer. I can’t really do anything with it. It’s useless. Fixed the registry errors as you said, and now the issue was fixed quickly.


  2. Author Image
    Ramona Denny -  July 12, 2012 at 4:37 pm

    error f3-f100-0004 please press OK to turn off computer. I really need help what should I Do, and you gave me the correct answers.


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