Error code 80151012 – Solve error 80151012 easily on your own

Upon logging onto Xbox live with the Windows Live ID, the computer users will get the annoying error 80151012 message saying that:
“Sorry, something’s wrong with your Windows Live ID.
Error code: 80151012”

error code 80151012

Without the Windows live ID, many computer users will fail to use the Xbox due to the fact that all contents being tied to the blocked account. If you are having the same problems right now, maybe you can find some solutions here to solve error 80151012 on your own.

First of all, note that right now “Windows Live ID” is called “Microsoft account”. To solve the error 80151012 when logging onto Xbox, you can directly follow these steps:

*Go to the Reset your password page.
*And select “I think someone else is using my Microsoft account”.
*Click Reset your password.
*Enter your Microsoft account name.
*Type the characters you see in the picture and click Next to go
* Click Customer support.
*When Customer support appears, click it.
*Enter the Microsoft account that you are trying to recover.
*Enter your contact email address and click Continue.
*Validate your identity by providing as much information as you can on the Microsoft account recovery page.
*Follow the instructions to finish and you might successfully log onto your account without an error 80151012 message.

If you have performed the above steps but still fail to access your account, check and remove all viruses from the computer. We know that a computer virus is a small malicious software computer program that is intentionally developed to harm the computer. Even though your computer is only for daily usage, the viruses can get onto your computer secretly, for example, via removable media, e-mail attachments or internet downloads. Once get onto the computer, they can infect and corrupt other software on your computer to greatly destroy your computer, your hard disk and delete & erase data on your computer. If some files relating to the programs you want to open were mis-removed due to a virus infection, you will soon get the error 80151012 message when trying to log onto your account. To properly use the computer, you should take instant actions to completely scan your whole PC and get rid of all viruses immediately.

Lastly, check & fix computer registry errors. Though registry acts as the main component of the Windows-based operating system, registry problems are very annoying due to the fact they can slow your computer down to snail speed or bring in some other computer error codes but not just the error 80151012. Over time, as you uninstall or install program, your registry database which holds lots of data becomes clogged up or corrupted. Hence, registry errors are regarded as the main causes of the computer error messages and should be fixed immediately. With the development of the computer technology, it is very easy for you to get some registry cleaners on the market to check and deal with all errors inside windows registry database within clicks.

To get an error 80151012 while trying to log onto your account is common; with the above solutions, you will be able to effectively check and fix the problem the easiest way. Then, you can enjoy your Xbox pleasantly all the time.

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  1. Author Image
    Nannie Julia -  October 20, 2012 at 9:45 pm

    So i’m trying to sign into my xbox live account and it’s giving me a message saying “Sorry, somthing’s wrong with your Windows Live ID. With the error number 80151012. So I go on the website and it wants me to go on my email but apparently my email is locked and the only way I can get on it is by sending a code to an email that i don’t know cause I made it 4 years ago. I have no idea what to do until come to your post. I will follow all these steps to go immediately.


  2. Author Image
    Vanessa Aylen -  October 22, 2012 at 11:06 pm

    Trying to download xbox live profile, getting error code 80151012. Went to windows live tried to sign in, but it didnt show that the account was blocked. Had xbox support walked through the blocked error code. We signed out of windows live, filled out the customer support, password reset option to validate the account, ownership, recieved the validation email, changed password, updated and confirmed security information, signed out and signed back in, was able to sign into windows live and with no problems. Tried downloading the profile, still got same error code. We then changed the email, to the windows live ID from the windows live site, we signed in on windows live with no issues, but still getting error code 80151012 when trying to download the xbox live account. You really gave me the correct solutions on what I should do.


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