Error code 0x8000000a – How to fix error code 0x8000000a now?

The error code 0x8000000a usually appears after you had loaded an SD card containing photos and then Windows Live Photo Gallery opened followed by the code. This is why lots of PC users complain that they cannot open the photo correctly due to this annoying code error message. Typically, it happens when there is something wrong with the computer and should be fixed immediately so as to enjoy more pleasant PC life.

code 0x8000000a error

The error code 0x8000000a problem may be caused by some damaged or broken entries on your computer. To solve it, you can first try to restore your computer to a previous state if you have ever made a backup before reinstalling the updates. By the way, here are some solutions that you could do to restore your computer to a previous state:
* Remove or uninstall the newly installed device.
* Roll back your driver to a version prior to your update.
* Use System Restore to restore your computer to a state before the code 31 error appeared.

Also, if any file of software is corrupted then it will not execute properly and result to such error code 0x8000000a message to happen. So, if you have downloaded the software from website then confirm that it is complete software otherwise use the different websites for downloading of the same software. If you are installing the software from a disk then check out that there is not a scratch on the disk otherwise it will not a proper installation on your PC. Verify that the program you are installing shouldn’t have a long file name directory.

Thirdly, check and make sure that all device drivers are configured correctly. Also, download and install all available drivers/Windows updates to make sure that all hardware/software are running and recalled properly at any time. This is what you should not miss when trying to prevent or fix error code 0x8000000a on your PC.

Finally, you need to maintain Windows registry. We know that, every computer has a centralized database called Windows registry in which the configuration settings of various hardware and software packages installed on the computer are saved. No matter whenever you start the computer or run the program, it will read through the whole registry database for needed entries. However, if those entries are mis-deleted or broken, it will fail to access the needed keys to perform the request properly, which at last causes the error code 0x8000000a messages. In order to prevent and fix kinds of computer errors including error code 2343, it is highly advised that you can keep your Windows registry clean and error free all the time by running a registry repair tool regularly at least twice a week.

To fix error code 0x8000000a is very easy if you have an advanced PC tweaker installed on the PC. It will completely scan your whole PC and get rid of all error causing the code 0x8000000a errors instantly.

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