Error 1935 fix – Solutions to solve error 1935 instantly

When trying to install a program on the computer, some users may get a message like the following: “1935: An error has occurred during the installation of assembly component…. Microsoft.MSXML2, public Key Token =….”

error code 1935

Because of this, some program will fail to be successfully installed on the computer and you may fail to perform some certain PC requests. Don’t worry! Let’s learn together how to solve error 1935 together here.

When getting the code 1935 error message, you can try the following steps to re-register the MS installer engine on your PC:
* Click on the Windows Start button and then click the “Run” option. Now, type “CMD,” and then click the “OK” button to continue. The MS DOS window should now appear with a blinking cursor.
* Type in this command: “msiexec /unregister” and then click the “Enter” key to continue.
* Type the code: msiexec /regserver followed by “Enter” one last time. Now, you can check to see whether your install job works or not; at this point, the installer should now have unregistered and registered in a work manner.

If the above steps fail, perform a system restore may solve the error 1935. If you are unable to install your desired program and still get the Windows Installer error message, you may try performing a system restore from Windows Recovery Enviornment to get the computer to an earlier date. A simple system restore job always helps to quickly get back the computer quickly when something goes wrong, but sometimes you make lose some of your important data. By the way, it also helps to fix some other errors easily just like Object Error or error code 28.

If you have the Windows installation disk, you can easily perform a system restore by following the below steps:
* Insert the installation disc and restart the computer.
* If prompted, press any key to start Windows from the installation disc.
* Choose the language settings, and then click “Next” to continue.
* Click Repair your computer.
*Then, you should select the operating system you want to repair, and click “Next” to go.
*On the System Recovery Options menu, click System restore and select the date on which the computer was working fine.

Sometimes, you might get the Windows installer error 1935 message when your hard drive has a bad sector, which will stop the system to read or write anything from/to the hard disk. So, the second thing you should do is to check & fix all hard disk errors and bad sectors immediately. You can use Windows Disk Manager tool to check & fix all file system errors and bad sectors on your hard disk. To do this, you can easily perform the below steps:

* Right click on the hard drive and click Properties
* Click Tools tab and click “Check Now” under Error-checking.
* In the dialog box select the “Automatically fix file system errors” or/and “Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors” check box to automatically fix all file system errors and bad sectors.

If the above steps do not deal with the code 1935 error on your computer, make sure that the computer is not infected by some viruses. A virus, once installed on the computer, can easily corrupt or delete any data from your computer because of its powerful ability. Severely, it will collect & steal any of your personal information, hijack your browser activities and so on. Even though your computer is only for daily usages, you can also come to the chances to get infected in the form of images, videos, or even instant messages. Once some files or folder were infected, you will get the system error 1935 when trying to access them.

Above are steps you can take when getting the error 1935 messages, but sometimes the problem in the system itself can also result in this problem. And the most important one you should not ignore is Windows registry. For most of the system errors, registry errors are the root cause. A simple registry error can seriously damage the computer system causing it to run slow or produce kinds of computer error messages. When this happens, the computer may have difficulty loading items that you want to use. So, the last suggestion you should do to fix the error code 1935 is to scan and fix all registry errors immediately.

Well, getting an error code 1935 while installing some programs is an indication to tell you some problem with the computer and it may stop you from installing some programs correctly on the PC. Just perform the above steps right now, and you may install whatever you want on the PC without getting a code 1935 error message.

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