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Computer freezes for no reason? This can be one of the biggest pains that lots of Microsoft users face. They may happen randomly while you are doing something important on the PC and force you to manually restart the computer so as to get the computer continue working. Because of this, some important data or on-working project go like a smoke. But lots of them do not know how to stop computer from freezing unexpectedly.

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To prevent and stop a computer from freezing suddenly, do remember to check plugs connected to your Monitor. In many cases, the loose connections with your monitor may cause the computer screen goes black suddenly. Also, you have to check and make sure that the VGA and Power Cables are properly connected to your monitor.

Then, completely scan the whole PC for viruses and remove them all. Computers are especially vulnerable to viruses that get loaded onto the computer, which are notorious for stealing user’s privacy, taking up memory and generally wreaking havoc on the operating state of your computer. Besides making the computer to run slowly, viruses can also bring in some other problems to the PC just like Java Installer error and skidrow.dll missing issue at PC or program startup. So to stop a computer from freezing, you have to always scan the computer for viruses, making it well protected against viruses.

Thirdly, turn off unnecessary monitoring services. Some new-editions of anti-virus programs will add features to randomly monitor the Web Pages, add-ons and emails, which undoubtedly increase the system burden. Now, even though there is not a reasonable way to solve this problem, it is recommended to turn off some unneeded monitoring services to avoid malfunction which caused by anti-virus programs, or upgrade your hardware to optimize PC performance and stop it from freezing unexpectedly.

Last but not least, you have to know that some invalid registries will be left in the PC registry after surfing the Internet or uninstalling some files from the computer bloated day by day. Sometime, these entries will cause a computer slowdown, computer freezes for no reason or even crash at any time. So if time permits, please clean up the registry in a regular basic to maintain the windows system. Effortlessly, you can get access to kinds of registry cleaners from the net, with which you can effectively manage the PC registry. But please remember to first back up the registry before every cleanup.

The above tips and troubleshooting steps help you to easily optimize PC performance and stop it from freezing unexpectedly. By the way, even if you are running a new computer, you’d better perform the above instructions to get your computer optimized and make it run properly all the time.

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