Chrome sync error – How to fix Google Chrome sync problem quickly?

If you sign in your Chrome device and make some changes to your browser settings, then all these changes will be automatically saved to your Google Account because of Chrome’s sync ability. In this way, you can find your apps, bookmarks, extensions, and other preferences easily even though you are using another computer when signing into Chrome. However, some complain that they will get some Chrome sync error messages on the bookmarks bar and on the spanner icon. when using the Google Chrome.

Google Chrome sync error

To fix the Chrome sync error you have to make sure that you can access to the Internet properly and you have been already using the latest version of Google Chrome; and there is nothing wrong with your Firewall setting, your date & time settings and Proxy settings. But the most important thing that you need to do is to check that all files on your computer are clean and readable properly.

Secondly, remember that when your sync sign-in information goes outdated, you will come to the chance to see a sync error notification on the bookmarks bar and on the spanner icon spanner error icon. At this time, you can follow the solutions here to solve the Google Chrome sync problem.

1) If you have recently changed your Google Account password, follow the steps here to go:
* Directly click the error for more details, like “Account sign-in details are out of date. Sign in again”.
* Click Sign in again and enter your Google Account username and the new password.
* If you are asked for a passphrase, enter your previous Google Account password or the customized passphrase that you’ve set up.

2) If you have ever enabled 2-step verification, do these steps:
* Click the error for more details.
* If you’re prompted to sign in, enter your Google Account username and password.
* Then, you will be asked to enter an “application-specific password”.

By following the steps above, you will most of the time deal with the Chrome sync problem quickly. If you fail, you can re-enable sync on your computer to see whether it helps.

*Disconnect your Google Account on the computer which shows the error message.
*Close Chrome by clicking the spanner icon and selecting Exit.
* Restart Chrome.
* Sign in to Chrome and re-enable sync on the computer.

By the way, you’d better run an antivirus program to thoroughly scan your whole PC to get rid of all existing viruses. Some viruses will stop you from correctly signing in your account and reading the synced information.

Finally, you still have to check and fix Windows registry errors. The registry is a vital database consisting of various options and files of the Windows operating system which allow your computer to boot up and run programs properly as it expected. No matter whenever you start up the computer or launch a program, it will tap into the registry to allow them to run pieces of code and ensure its proper running, which happens the same to your Google Chrome. Your Chrome program will read through the whole registry database when you start it up when turn it off. However, due to the case that new entries are created in the registry every time you install a program/change various options such as firewall options and even uninstall programs, it is very easy for this database to get corrupted. Once the program cannot read through the Windows registry for its required entries or processes, there is no doubt you will come across a slow running computer or Chrome sync error messages. So, my last recommendation is to regularly download and run a registry cleaner tool to always ensure a clean and compact registry database. Only in this way, all of your programs and your computer can run smoothly and faster without problems all the time.

Still having problems in solving the Chrome sync errors? Follow the above solutions right now and you can fix Google Chrome sync errors the most effective ways.

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  1. Author Image
    Juanita Winn -  June 17, 2012 at 9:38 pm

    My laptop and my Chrome book sync just fine. However, my tower won’t. It’s running Google Chrome 17.0.963.79 m, and I constantly get the orange notice telling me “Sync Error: Update Sync passphrase…”. When I click on it, it asks me to log in, then it asks for my application-specific password. I enter it and press the “Sign In” button. Once I click the button, it just sits there, with the little spinning icon like it’s trying to do something, but it sits forever. I let it go for over a half hour once and it never did anything else. I find you really provide helpful tips here and will follow them all to go right now!


  2. Author Image
    Lizbeth Alfy -  June 19, 2012 at 12:59 am

    Recently i synced my google chrome data because i got an error message saying your profile could not be opened correctly so i deleted the user data folder so the error message would go away. Followed all your tips here and now the issue was fixed…


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