Driver Not Less or Equal Error – The cause and solutions

Your PC ran into a problem
Driver IRQL Not Less or Equal (IDSvix86.sys)”

blue screen error

Upon starting up the computer, some users might annoyingly receive the above Driver Not Less or Equal error message together with a blue screen. Typically, the bug check has a value of 0X0000000A, indicating that Microsoft Windows or a kernel-mode driver has failed to access paged memory at DISPATCH_LEVEL or above. Read More →

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Invalid or Corrupt Jarfile – Causes and solutions

When you are trying to run the jar file from command prompt, it will pop up a message saying that “Invalid or corrupt jarfile”. When searching the Internet, you can find many users complained this issue, but none give a comprehensive solution. Don’t worry! Here I will show you some solutions to get rid of this error.

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How to fix CC035 scanning error?

Some printer users complained that whenever trying to scan anything onto email, they keep on getting a message saying that:
“A file required cannot be found.
Please re-install the MFL-Pro Suite.

printer error message

The problem is, though they have done as prompted to reinstall the disc, same error appears. What is going on and how to fix CC035 scanning error? Read More →



Why am I running out of RAM?

We know that RAM is the most common type of memory found in computers and other devices, such as printers; it can be accessed randomly so as to finish all of your computer tasks. If the computer runs out of RAM, you will soon find it start running very slow, give you various error messages such as “The disk is write protected” in formatting the USB disk or even stop responding as well. But why is your computer running out of RAM and how to release more available RAM?

make computer faster

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Computer crashes randomly – How to prevent and stop unexpected computer crashes?

Computer crashes randomly but you do not know how to do? Like some unexpected computer freezing and blue screen of death, computer crash is an extremely troublesome problem that lots of PC users are facing with right now. I think nothing can be more frustrated to find the computer crash without a reason when you are working on an important project or playing games; it may even cause irreparable PC damages. That’s really a pain in the neck, but how to prevent and stop unexpected computer crashes?

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Blue screen STOP error – Methods to stop blue screen errors quickly

Blue screen errors (otherwise known as “blue screens of death”) are general errors that show on every computer. Most of the time, it will come together with a text message showing STOP XXX error code just like STOP C0000221 unknown hard error or STOP error 0X00000116. Typically, this type of error is continually causing millions of computers around the World to stop working or suddenly shut down. This can drive you mad when you are working something important on the computer. But how can you stop blue screen errors quickly?

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Error code 643 Windows update – Solve Windows update error and install all updates correctly

The error code 643 Windows update is commonly caused by a corruption in the installation of some Windows updates. That is to say, it usually appears when you are trying to install a certain Windows update on the computer, and basically to tell you there are some sorts of problems/issues on the PC that stop you from installing the updates. If you want to install all updates correctly, it is important that you should fix all problems causing the Windows update error code 643.

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