How to get rid of Windows 7 backup error code 0X8078002A?

Some Windows 7 users complain that upon backing up the computer, they keep on receiving a message error code 0X8078002A every time. Thus, they cannot back it up properly. When searching the web, we find quite a number of cases involving this same problem; but none of them seemed to be resolved. If you are one of the victims of this error, here you may find solutions to deal with it immediately.

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Windows 7 cannot share folder – Solve it now

Windows 7 cannot share folder and every time you get a message saying you cannot share this folder? Sometimes, when trying to access some shared files, you are prompted to enter a password? It is wired for the users to get various unknown errors in sharing some files or view some online shared files. But I think, there are still some things you can try to prevent such a computer error.

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Windows 7 Hotfix Error – Fix Windows 7 error quickly

We know that there are some available MS Hotfixes on different problems that might apply to deal with some unknown computer errors. Recently, some Windows 7 users contacted me and told that when suffering an error just like KERNAL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR blue screen or random program restarts, they are suggested to download the Hotfix; however, when trying to launch it, they keep on getting a message saying that “The Update Is Not Applicable To Your Computer”.

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Bootmgr is missing – Troubleshoot and fix it immediately

“Bootmgr is missing Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart”

Windows startup error

Annoyed with this error message at PC startup? Well, you are not alone in the world to get such an error message, but do you know what it means? First of all, you should know that boot sector is a region of your hard disk that contains information that is used to load your operating system. And this message usually tells you that the boot sector is damaged or missing, stopping you from starting up the PC correctly. Read More →



Why Windows 7 says HDD has an error and how to do?

When starting up the computer, the users may get a pop up from Windows saying that the HDD has an error; but the problem is that after running the DSKCHK command and dealing with the found bad sectors, same error message appears. Why does Windows 7 say HDD has an error and how to fix it? I do hope my article here help you!

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Causes and solutions to “The User Profile Service failed the logon”

“The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded.”

computer error message

When logging onto the computer, you may receive the above error message. In some cases, it may be resolved after a system shutdown and restart. If not, there is no doubt that the user profile is corrupted and you should copy the user’s files to a new user account & completely remove the corrupted account from the computer so as to get access again. Read More →

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How Can You Fix Windows 7 Not Genuine Error Easily?

“Windows is not genuine
Your computer might not be running a counterfeit copy of Windows.
“This copy of Windows is not genuine”
“You must activate today. Activate Windows now”
“Error: 0x80070005 Access denied: the requested action requires elevated privileges”

Windows error message

Immediately after logging onto the Windows 7 operating system, you will see one of the above Windows 7 not genuine error messages. Most of the time, such an error message appears when there is a lack of permissions in the registry key or a when a system-required registry key goes missing. Read More →